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When it comes to planning a day that you and your guests will remember for the rest of your lives, entertainment plays an incredibly important part. Now, imagine having your very own acoustic wedding band supporting (and helping create) all the magical moments of your wedding; from singing the songs you love, to hitting all the right notes (with your guests, and literally of course)!

Well, we want to make that dream a reality for you. The team at Hey Jack are proud of our long-standing relationships with the most seasoned performers that make up Melbourne’s best acoustic trio bands (#workfam). Over the years we’ve made countless love matches of our own – between pairing the perfect musical entertainment with countless incredible weddings. Whichever of our talented acoustic trios you select, they know how to fill the room with an unbeatable atmosphere and ambience, from the beginning through to the very end of the day.


Melbourne Acoustic Trios
The ambience and interactivity of a live trio wedding band is second to none when it comes to creating inimitable vibes and making the good times roll. If there is ever a time to treat yourself to something a little extra special, it’s your wedding day. While there’s nothing wrong with pre-recorded songs, it can be quite disjointed to try to glide down the aisle to a song with a fixed playtime that simply gets looped or faded out. Instead, a trio band can deliver stunning vocals accompanied by instruments that enhance and elevate the performance. The emotion that comes from a live, soulful performance is on another level.

With live music, you also have more control to start and stop at certain pivotal moments and adjust pace to suit your walking speed (more important than you’d think, promise!).

Your chosen acoustic band will complement your theme and style and can be a feature point of your wedding – other than the MVP’s (you and your partner of course!). You’ll be able to review the setlist of songs well in advance and make any changes you need to ensure what gets played on the day is what you and your guests will love hearing. And if a trio isn’t enough, consider a full string quartet for your Melbourne wedding with Hey Jack!


From your arrival, to your exit, a wedding band weaves and creates a story for your entire day through music. In many cases, this begins before you even set foot on the aisle. Your acoustic trio entertains your guests with beautiful vocals supported by soft strings, acoustic guitar or even piano keys, whilst everyone excitedly awaits your arrival. You’ll be treated to beautiful harmonies for pre-ceremony music, the bridal entrance, signing registry and as your guests mingle with each other sipping cocktails whilst enjoying canapé hour.

With an all-day package, you’ll be able to hear all of the above and more! Of course, this includes the highly anticipated big band style show stopper as you both make your reception entrance as an *officially married couple* (congrats) and a beautiful, meaningful song of your choice for your first dance. Bands know better than anyone how to get a party started. When your guests are ready to hit the D-floor, your trio will raise the roof and keep the night young!

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Love the idea of live music at your wedding? Always wanted the opportunity to curate your own band with instruments of your choosing? Want to create an entertainment experience rather than just ‘wedding music’? Then you’ll be wowed by an acoustic trio band for your wedding. Our Hey Jack wedding bands offer the best of both worlds – from smooth, soulful renditions of your favourite songs, up close and personal, to show stopping hits and party vibes. This can be intensified during your reception by cherry picking your fave instruments that are renowned for getting a party started (think sax or drums). You won’t need to compromise on what you want (or don’t want) and the music played can be tailored to your tastes for a win, win baby!
Acoustic trios in Melbourne
Melbourne Trio Band


No two weddings are the same and we’re here to get to know what you guys love (and also what you’re not so into). Our commitment is to make things as personalised as possible and ensure we help you nail the right music mix for your wedding. Each of our wedding bands specialise in their own unique genre, which means you have plethora of choice, from jazz to R&B to modern hits and wedding classics! That also means no Michael Bublé if the vibe is clearly Beyonce or Fleetwood Mac. Put your own mark on things and really own your entertainment choice by requesting your act to learn up to three songs you love. If there’s a certified banger, or emotionally significant song you cannot live without hearing, just let us know. We can even send you a cheeky snippet of your wedding band rehearsal as a teaser! The best part? Pick exactly which moment you’d like to hear your requested songs throughout the day (aisle, reception entrance, first dance) or let the band surprise you!


At Hey Jack, we don’t provide ‘cookie cutter’ wedding entertainment. We want to offer our couples something different and innovative – wedding entertainment with a twist. Maybe you want to take the relaxed, yet sophisticated acoustic trio band that played at your ceremony and blow everyone’s metaphorical hats off with the arrival of a trumpet or bongo drums (image those congo lines though!) for your reception!

Custom additions such as instrumentalists or a second vocalist at your reception are a fantastic way to surprise guests and elevate your entertainment to keep the energy levels up and people on their feet all night long. Beyond the music gold, live bands are top tier when it comes to interactivity. Saxophonists, trumpet players and bongo drummers can move around freely with their instruments, jumping off the stage to weave in and out of the crowd. Your guests will love this attention and the unique ability to mingle with the performers.

For example, Hey Jack specialises in wedding photography and videography services also so this trio when bundled is more cost effective. If you need to relocate in between your ceremony and reception, we’ve got you covered. We account for this upfront so you don’t get hit with sneaky extra charges later. If your coverage is booked for seven hours, this includes travel time in between, not on top!

Wedding Entertainment that delivers value

Don’t resort to rubbing an antique gold lamp for genie wishes; if having a trio band play at your wedding is what you want, there are ways to make this option work for you without breaking the budget. You can opt to just have them play at your ceremony and then switch to a DJ for your reception, who will help create a party atmosphere for less since they roll solo. Or, if you’d really like live music all day (and night) long, we have designed packages to provide you with the best value for your big day. This could be an ‘All day’ 7-hour (or longer if you’d like) music package. Another option is bundling some wedding services together. Did you know Hey Jack specialise in photography and videography services also? When these are packaged together with your entertainment you end up with a professional, highly qualified team who all know each other, plus it is more time and cost effective for you than using several different providers.

From the shore to the stage, we’ve got you covered

It doesn’t matter if your wedding venue is beachside or bar-side (one G&T, please), our trio bands travel all around Melbourne. From rustic farm houses to sprawling wineries, a setting along the peninsula, or city central (and everything in between). Your band will be in contact with your chosen venue a few weeks prior to your wedding date to ensure the sound system is in check. Worst-case scenario, let’s say your venue doesn’t have power, they’ll also have a back-up battery powered sound system. Nothing gets left till the last minute – preparation is our middle name. Every single Hey Jack acoustic trio wedding band is highly experienced and this ain’t their first rodeo so-to-speak. We promise, as wedding veterans, they’ll deliver a super engaging performance that matches the vibe of your tribe. Our seasoned musicians know how to read the room and respond to the energy, be that relaxed or upbeat.

Meet & Greet

We understand how essential it is to familiarise yourself and feel comfortable with your chosen act before your big day. Just like you want might taste test your cake, we want you to sample our music acts too! Hey Jack have videos available of all our trio bands, so you can get to know their performance style ahead of time. This is integral for you to get a feel for how a band interacts with each other and of course their sound. We understand that in some cases this might not be enough, and it’s nice to see your act perform live or meet them in person prior. If you’d like, we can organise a meeting with your musicians. If the dates suit you, you might be able to see them performing live at a pre-booked public venue. We love meeting our couples beforehand too! We want you to know you’re in a safe pair of hands and have confidence that the act you’re choosing is going to be amazing on your big day.

Answering ALL your ‘Curly Questions’

We love the curly questions! Some of our most asked are below: “I want to secure my entertainment but don’t know my wedding times yet!” No problem! We work around you! If you’d like to lock in your wedding band so no one else snaps them up in the meantime, just pay your deposit and let us know the date. We can work out the timing details later! “What happens if the musicians need to stop the music to say, use the bathroom?” Superhuman talent, yes, but still human – your musicians will inevitably need to take a few reasonable bathroom breaks throughout the day and refuel. Each experienced artist knows how to keep their breaks short and sweet. Breaks are timed so that you have live music for all the important moments throughout the day – you’ll never be without live music for your reception entrance, cutting the cake, your first dance, speeches, etc. Your performers can also cue a pre-corded song to play during any breaks that fits your overall song selection style.

How to choose the right acoustic trio band for your special day

There are a few things to factor in when it comes to choosing the perfect music mix for your wedding. Have you checked out performances of your act before you book them (videos online or at a live event, where possible)? When can help guide you in the right direction when it comes to this, just ask! Consider the style of music you’d like to listen to and if that will work for your all the special moments throughout the day. For example, you might know that low-key relaxed music is going to be beautiful for your ceremony, but, if you’re after an upbeat party vibe for your reception, do any instruments or performers need to be added to achieve this? We can help you pick the best selection of instruments to complement your band’s vocalist and the vision you want to create. If you’d like an interactive element, a sax or drums are a great choice. An electric guitar is also a brilliant option to bring some extra oomph to the setlist of songs. Finally, are there any special requests you have for your wedding – we can check with your preferred act and come back to you. The entire Hey Jack team is here to make your day as magical and memorable as possible!

Let’s find your perfect Melbourne acoustic band together

We know there are so many details that go into planning a wedding (we won’t list them all)! Often, this is a fun experience, but it can also be a bit stressful at times. We’re those extra hands you wish you had! Hey Jack are here to make the process of picking your perfect wedding band entertainment as simple as possible. Making sure you have a great experience before you even get to your special day is our number one goal! You’ll have your very own dedicated, experienced Event Manager on hand to answer any and every question (no question is too silly, promise), and make sure things run smoothly throughout the entire process. We’ll set up a personalised online Music Portal where you can review and curate your own setlist and check song requests (including listing the moment you want them played – i.e., aisle, first dance, bouquet toss)! You bring the guests, we’ll bring the music, and together let’s make some magic memories that last a lifetime.
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