​The Ultimate Upbeat Wedding Entrance Songs To Kick Off Your Reception

Major song moments for your wedding include your aisle song, first dance song and of course your “WE’RE OFFICIALLY MARRIED! Let’s get this party started!” song – a.k.a. your wedding reception entrance song.

Whilst you might opt for something more traditional for your ceremony and first dance, you can really switch things up and pick more of an upbeat wedding entrance song. It’s there not just to introduce you guys and debut your new status, but also to let your guests know they’re in for a fun-filled evening with great entertainment and company!

The question is – how do you decide upon just one unforgettable, electrifying entrance song? The team at Hey Jack are experts in helping couples nail the best beats, with the help of our amazingly talented collective of wedding artists and bands. Read on for our top tips and considerations when choosing your wedding reception entrance song.


If you’re struggling to pick just one song from the sea of awesome party and upbeat reception entrance song options, why not make a shortlist. Create a top 10 together and work on narrowing this down to 2-3. Once you’ve done that, if you are electing to have a live band play at your reception, check if they already have these as part of their repertoire. If not, a seasoned band will be able to learn a few song requests in advance.

Another thing to consider with your wedding band is that the song you’re choosing suits their style (after all, it’s the reason you loved their music and booked them in the first place). For example, Def Leopard’s rock classic ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ will likely sound pretty different from a jazz singer compared to a rock band or an acoustic duo.

That can also be a beautiful thing – your band will put their unique mark on the songs you know and love for something magical and unexpected. Choose a reception entrance song that fits the style and theme of your wedding vision that fits the mood you’re after.

Wedding Entrance Song Suggestions

Spice It Up

Generally, when entering the reception, your bridal and grooms party go first, and then it’s you and your partner! If you want to zhoosh things up a little, why not have your bridal party enter with the start of your song and some moves, followed by a bit of a boogie from the groomsmen and finally you two newlyweds raising the roof!

You can also have a different part of a song play for your bridal party, groomsmen and then yourselves – here are a few of our suggestions:

Upbeat Wedding Reception Entrance Songs for Your Bridal Party

  1. Beyoncé – Run the World (Girls)
  2. David Guetta, Nicki Minaj – Where Them Girls At
  3. Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Wedding Party Reception Entrance Songs for Your Groomsmen

  1. Thin Lizzy – Boys Are Back in Town
  2. The Weather Girls – It’s Raining Men
  3. Aloe Blacc – The Man


Get Personal

We’ve been to a wedding before where the newlyweds shared the surname ‘Robertson’ and their band changed the name in the classic Simon & Garfunkel song ‘Mrs. Robinson’ to suit their similar-sounding name! The guests absolutely loved it and it made their entrance all the more memorable!

If you want to personalise your choice a little, opt for a song you love with a name in it and then ask your band if they can change the name to suit yours. You can also ask them to focus on the chorus or name part of the song pending its length!

Note: only do this if you genuinely like the song!

Some options to get you started are:

  1. Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby (e.g. ‘Alright stop, collaborate and listen, we’re at Jess & Jamie’s amazing wedding’)
  2. Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisand (e.g. ‘Oohohoo JESS AND JAMIE ohoohhhoooo DOUBLE J!’)
  3. Neil Diamond – Cherry Cherry (replace with your names!)

Another way to be a bit more personal is to be inspired by your favourite film or TV show theme song as long as it’s a song you both like and can work as a reception entrance song.

For example, if you’re both Disney fans, try Can You Feel the Love from The Lion King, or if you love classic movies, the classic dance song from Pulp Fiction or Footloose work well as entrance songs!

Wedding Entrance Songs Hey Jack

Oldies, But Goodies

There’s almost no better way to get your guests in the celebratory mood and pumped up for the dancefloor to come than with some throwbacks!

Here are our fave suggestions for classic wedding reception entrance songs:

The Pointer Sisters – Jump (For My Love)
Your guests will follow cue and jump up from their seats to cheers you both!

The B-52’s – Love Shack
Well, your venue is basically one big love shack, AND almost everyone knows the words to this banger, so why not surprise them: “the love shack is a little old place where YOUR NAME & YOUR PARTNERS NAME are together”)!

Sister Sledge – We Are Family
It’s a sweet nod to your guests that you’re happy to share such a special day with them, your big fam!

Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)
This one is keeping it literal – you just signed and sealed the deal and you’re being delivered to the reception and your guests!

The Beatles – Love Me Do
SO catchy and pure FEEL GOOD FUN with lyrics like “Love, love me do. I’ll always love you”.

Modern Reception Entrance Song Hits
If pop if more your thing or you have a younger crowd in presence, some of our faves include:

Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna – This is What You Came For
It IS why everyone is there and don’t underestimate sweet lyrics like ‘everyone’s watching her, but she’s looking at you (ooh ooh)’!

The Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling
Listen, if the BEP have a feeling that ‘tonight’s gonna be a good night’ they can’t be wrong.

Pink – Raise Your Glass
There’s nothing quite like entering your own reception to the happy faces of your nearest and dearest raising a glass to toast you and your love.

Pharrell Williams – Happy
You know why! Because you just got married to the love of your life, and, you’re HAPPY!

Imagine Dragons – On Top of the World
This song is catchy as heck and it’s a great one to encapsulate exactly how you’re feeling in that moment, and one you won’t get sick of hearing after and playing every anniversary.

Wedding Entrance Songs Hey Jack

Wedding Ready

If you want to keep things topical and wedding-related with your entrance song, these suggestions will be your go-to’s:

  1. Jagged Edge – Let’s Get Married
  2. Bruno Mars – Marry You
  3. DNCE – Cake by the Ocean (bonus points if you’re having a coastal, beachy wedding)!

If you haven’t already finalised your wedding entertainment and need help choosing a talented wedding DJ or band to make every song (not just your reception entrance) a memorable moment, contact us.

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