Entertainment FAQ

Are the wedding packages customiseable to suit our visions?
Of course! We just put together our most popular timline to give you some options. However, everything is tailored and we love working with you to create the perfect package!
Do you learn songs for our wedding?

We sure do! And it’s our favourite part. Every wedding entertainment package involves 3 requested songs. We can also send through a snippet of the rehearsal before the day!

You'll be playing at my Ceremony, how long is the aisle song?
We chat with your Celebrant well before the Ceremony begins, and he gives us an indication on how he’s setting the pace, and a cue for us to start. All brides take a different pace down the aisle, so we work with however slow/fast you walk, and finish up just as you get to the love of your life.
Is reloacting an extra charge?
Nope, every hour we’re present at your wedding is included in our coverage of entertainment. So if your coverage is 7 hours, then this will include our travel time in between.
What if our Ceremony has no power?

No problem! We have a battery powered sound system.

What music will be played in our breaks?
Hey Jack is more than happy to put together your playlist, based on your live music song selection and overall style. Alternatively, you are welcome to send us your Spotify playlist to be played.
What is the best option for dance music?

Our live music acts do cater for Reception ‘dance’ sets, however, it is only acoustic music and there is only so much we can do with our intruments! If you’re looking for up-beat, dancefloor tunes (Bohemian Rhapsody sing-a-long vibe) then you’re best to go with our wedding DJ!

Do you offer live music just for the Ceremony?
We sure do! Anything is possible 🙂
We're not sure of our wedding times yet, can we pay a deposit and look at times down the track?
Of course you can! We do require the deposit to secure the act for your date, however, anything is possible down the track with enough notice given.
What sort of information do you need for my wedding?
We set up a personalised online Music Portal which allows you to curate your own setlist and song requests, listing the moment you want them played. We do also require a run sheet for the day when it’s finalised. Your chosen act and/or DJ will also be in contact with the venue 2-3 weeks from the date to ensure their sound system and requirements are met.
We want to come and see you live before booking, is this possible?
Yes! Our artists also perform at public venues. Email us to find out some dates.
Can we arrange face-to-face meeting with you or our chosen act before booking?
Most definitely! We love to offer you the chance to meet us and be reassured that we’re exactly what you’re after for your big day.
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