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Melbourne Wedding DJ + Live Band Hybrid Experience: Giving You The Best Of Both Worlds!

Want the excitement of live music PLUS a reception that feels like the most memorable party ever? There’s no need to choose between the showmanship and engagement of a wedding band or the ultra-engaging personality of a Melbourne wedding DJ when you don’t have to. We’ve combined the two so your big day will be covered from start to finish with musical magic for those sweet, emotional moments (#aisle, #firstdance), right through to your reception full of the tunes you love to get everyone up on the dancefloor!

A live DJ is paired with professional instrumentalists like saxophone, creating an immersive and unrivalled DJ and saxophone Melbourne wedding entertainment experience! This hybrid package means you and your guests get to have your cake AND eat it too. How delish.

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Extraordinary Performers & Unmatched Guest Experiences

The team at Hey Jack provides all the ingredients to mix the tastiest wedding entertainment cocktail for your tastes. Our well-seasoned wedding DJ and MC bands in Melbourne play live and you can add an extra pinch of fun by adding the electric notes of sax or crowd-pleasing bongos and smooth vocals with your DJ set for something special on your big day. Opt for Melbourne wedding DJ hire to ensure the best musical acts that make every moment unforgettable.

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Your Day, Your Way

The sky is the limit baby! Are you after an intimate affair? Or, do you have your sights set on a reception that raises the roof? Whatever your vibe, we’re here to help ensure you get the perfect DJ band for your Melbourne wedding. Just choose the size of band you want and we’ll deliver an electric atmosphere and musical ambience you and your guests will be talking about (good things only) for many moons to come.

2 Piece


Your chosen Melbourne wedding DJ will be an expert in reading the room and spinning your favourite songs. So, what could make things even better? Try adding a saxophone player – imagine them weaving in and out of the crowd, playing over the incredible music to entertain the heck outta your guests. Have the sax come in halfway through the reception for a BIG surprise and real WOW factor in your Melbourne DJ and saxophone wedding experience!

3 Piece


Think of this combo as your secret weapon for entertaining your guests. This compact lineup has massive sound! A combination of showstopping instruments, a Melbourne wedding DJ hire who deals you upbeat classics or pop hits, and smooth vocals (or smoky jazz or R&B sounds – you decide) bring together a seamless three-piece performance.

4 Piece


This package is that little extra something to elevate your wedding entertainment to the next level. A team of four talented musos, including the best wedding DJ Melbourne has to offer, will pick up the beats the DJ throws down for blistering sax melodies, stomping percussion, and a lively room full of dancing and excitement! With both a sax and bongo player weaving in and out of the crowd, you’ll feel the rhythmic energy up close and personal.


We don’t need to tell you that no two Melbourne weddings are the same! The real magic is in the details, which is why we approach every single wedding with dedication, innovation, and readiness to listen and understand what you love (and don’t) for entertainment that is both exciting and meaningful.

Whether you’re looking for a Melbourne wedding DJ, a DJ and saxophone Melbourne wedding experience, or comprehensive wedding DJ and MC Melbourne services, our goals are the same in making sure your wedding day becomes one of the most memorable days you and your nearest and dearest have ever experienced.

We can even assist you with top-tier wedding photography and videography services. Let’s craft an unforgettable event together with our expert Melbourne wedding DJ hire for the best wedding DJ Melbourne has to offer.


How do I choose which songs I want played at my wedding?

For every wedding we set up an online ‘music portal’ that gives you exclusive access to entertainment details for your wedding. Our DJs work the crowd and their magic to play the right songs, at the right time. We ask for up to 10 must-haves as well as any do not plays (just as important!), and from there our DJ will tailor the music on the night to suit your demographic, requests, and overall vibe of the night (win!)

How much room does the wedding DJ or DJ Band require?

If you opt for a DJ only, we say an approx. space of 2mx2m including speakers is ideal. With the additional singer or saxophonist, as they are roaming musicians and mainly get in amongst the crowd, we don’t need a sectioned off space for them!

What do I need to supply for the DJ or DJ Band?

It’s your big day so we look after absolutely everything you need. We just need access to power close by and a supplier meal for our DJ! We bring all equipment, the sound system and basic lighting for your reception.

Can I meet the DJ or DJ Band before my wedding?

With the amount of weddings & meetings we conduct to ensure each of our clients’ events are as smooth as possible, your Event Manager will be your go-to person in the lead up. As an agency, we look after the performers on your behalf and ensure they everything ready to go. We find this is super important so no details are missed. Our performers are amazing at creating music on the night, however, when it comes to planning – that’s our jam!

How much will a wedding DJ or DJ Band cost?

We pride ourselves on exceptional entertainment at a palatable price. Each of our DJ-Band formats is priced differently, so we would recommend you send an enquiry to find the pricing for your dream reception entertainment. Our packages start at $2,190 + GST for DJ Band reception entertainment, scaling up to our premium 4-piece DJ Band setup. No matter your preference, we are here to find your perfect lineup.

When I book a DJ or DJ Band, does it come with lighting for the reception dance floor?

We can include basic lighting at no extra cost, however if you’d like something a little more wow, like effects for the dance-floor, these are additional and we have packages for these. Just let us know what you’re envisaging and we can send you a quote!

How long does the DJ Band perform for?

The DJ will be booked for a minimum of 5 hours (yes, all night dancefloor beats) and our musicians/instrumentalists (band) are booked at a minimum of 2 hours to start after formalities.

What if I want a mixture of live acoustic music as well as a DJ or DJ Band?

Love your taste, let’s do it! We can absolutely create a perfect mix of acoustic and DJ or DJ band. For example, you can have an acoustic musician for your Ceremony & canapés, with a DJ for your full reception, and Sax/Vocalist or Percussionist to kick off the dance-floor.

Can the DJ also MC at our Wedding Reception?

Everyone loves a package deal and the answer is yes, select DJs can also MC for an additional cost. This depends on availability so please check with us first!

Do we get to choose the DJ Band members?

We recommend choosing the vocalist of your DJ band, and we will assign the other performers around the vocalist. The unique difference with a DJ band is generally the vocalist, so if you choose your style of singer, we’ll ensure the other performers have worked with this particular singer and all have amazing synergy when performing.

Can we request songs for throughout the night or for our first dance?

100%. You’ll be able to fill out our online music portal with all the requests and info you like, and we’ll use this as a music brief for the night. We can also take requests on the night! If booking a vocalist, please check with us first about learning songs.


Give preset lists the flick – experienced, energetic live wedding dj’s only

We are most definitely NOT going to let a ‘DJ’ walk in, press play on a playlist and fumble through introductions with the names of your guests because they were handed the list the night before (yikes!).

We like to say you’re in a safe pair of hands – we work with a close-knit, highly experienced team of DJ’s who have hundreds of weddings under their ‘performer belt’. Whether you need a Melbourne wedding DJ, saxophone and DJ wedding vibes, or a full wedding DJ and MC Melbourne setup, our team ensures high-quality entertainment tailored to your unique event’. 


There shall be NO clicking of tunes on an iPhone like your mate’s 18th house party. This is your fabulous, spectacular wedding we’re talking about, so you know we’re sending you a music match made in heaven. We’ll chat with you and your partner in detail so we can create bespoke, customised playlists that reflect your tastes. Instead of the Hokey Pokey (yup, it haunts our nightmares) or Chicken Dance, you’ll hear perfectly planned well-timed soundtracks that appeal to you and your guests.

You can bop and dance away to a mix of Motown, R&B hits and timeless classics, and you’ll only hear Eagle Rock at the end of the night if you REALLY want to – courtesy of the best wedding DJ’s Melbourne has to offer.


If you want to keep things simple and fun, whilst ensuring the entertainment for your Melbourne wedding is world-class, you can’t go wrong with a Hey Jack DJ. It’s going to feel bougie on a budget as you and your guests are treated to upbeat and remixed renditions of modern chart hits, balanced with an array of classic all-time faves.

This electric combination of songs is sure to get everyone in the mood for some dancefloor action (or for the non-dancers, some very lively foot taps). Consider our Melbourne wedding DJ hire for an unforgettable experience that seamlessly combines professional skill with personal passion.

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