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Welcome and congrats on your upcoming nuptials! If you’ve arrived here looking for some of the best wedding entertainment Melbourne has on offer and to ensure that you have a stellar musical act locked in for your big day (and night) – you’ve come to the right place!

Hey Jack has years of wedding entertainment experience, bringing you an exceptionally talented group of musicians who put professionalism, incredible tunes and good vibes first. We’re proud to say ALL of our wedding musicians and DJ’s know how to bring that extra ‘WOW’ factor to any event so your entertainment will help make every amazing moment of the day a little bit extra spesh and even more memorable. Read on to find your (second) perfect match!

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Nothing can beat live music for your wedding entertainment. Why? Unlike pre-recorded music, live music is a much more personalised experience for everyone, as the musicians can ‘read the room’ and stop and start songs at the perfect moment for pause or impact. The live music provided by a soloist, acoustic duo or wedding band also creates atmosphere and ambience because of the unique and super engaging performance element. To make it easier to choose between a solo, duo or trio act, we have a few tips for you to help simplify the decision process.

Our acoustic soloists are perfect for intimate weddings or weddings that might have space restrictions, duos offer the best of both worlds, catering to weddings of all sizes and offering instrumental support, whilst trios are basically a wedding band that bring huge energy and excitement! And for a truly elegant atmosphere, consider a string quartet for your wedding!

Remember, you’re the captain of this wedding ship and you have the option to customise as much or little as you like. Want to create your own Melbourne wedding band? We can add extra vocalists, violin, keys, guitar or something jazzy like sax or energic like drums! Just ask us how!

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Melbourne wedding band reception

Your wedding reception is the moment you and your guests can all let loose on the dance floor, so nailing the right tunes and vibes is pretty important! A live band will put their own distinct, unique flavour into a song, giving you the opportunity to hear the songs you know and love with a fresh twist.

Would you believe wedding bands also pair really well with wedding DJ’s? It’s true, promise! The live vocalist and instruments in your band play over the songs the DJ spins to complement the music and elevate your entertainment to the next level. Having said that, DJ’s still work great as a solace option, especially if you don’t have the space for a band or you want to hear pre-recorded songs exactly as you remember them. Plus, don’t forget you can customise your wedding band for bespoke entertainment. This can mean even more fun and interactivity for your guests. They’ll love seeing the sax or trumpet player weave in and out of the crowd hitting big notes.

Or if you’re after something to spice things up, go big or go home by adding bongos! The beat of drums is always a crowd favourite with upbeat, entrancing foot taps from even the most dance shy guests. Whatever you choose, there’s no doubt your reception will feel like a party you never want to end.

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We know you already have a lot on your plate planning a wedding (and that’s before you even eat your wedding cake), so we’re all about keeping the wedding entertainment process simple and fun! First things first! You can reach out to the Hey Jack team at any point along the way if you ever have questions or need advice. For example, in the beginning, you might need a hand selecting the kind of band so we’ll direct you to their other live performances to help you decide.

Once you like a band, we can also organise an in-person meeting or if possible, you can see them play live at a public venue around Melbourne. You’ll also have a dedicated HJ Event Manager to collab with – they are super experienced in this area and help guide all couples for every step. You can see the setlist, request changes and also ask your musicians to learn up to three songs that are special for you and your partner to be played at any time throughout the day (aisle, first dance and reception entrance for are popular choices example).

Let’s fast-forward to your actual wedding day! Your act will be there on time, always, and make sure everything is set up and ready to go so you can focus on what’s really important – having the time of your life!


Pending the music package you decide upon, your entertainment can begin before you even set foot at the venue. Your chosen act will set the tone for the day as guests await your big arrival, surrounding guests with sweet romantic melodies. The soft, soulful notes will continue as you glide down the aisle. Some of our favourite combinations are vocals accompanied by cello, or acoustic guitar and if you have the room, piano keys are equally incredible, but it’s hard to go wrong here with a live wedding musician at your ceremony. From here, musicians play throughout canapé hour. This is a great opportunity for the excitement of the reception to build among your guests as they enjoy nibbles and no doubt a cheeky wine (or two).

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You may have attended a lot of weddings, but it’s never quite the same as planning your own! It’s also not the same as an annual birthday party so it’s okay if you have a few curly questions – we love the curly questions! In fact, we’d be surprised if you didn’t have anything to ask us. To help make things as crystal clear as the glassware at your wedding, we’ve included our most asked questions below.

Will my wedding musician/band take requests on the day?

Our musicians have a large repertoire of songs, and generally, if you’re requesting a wedding classic, they will try to accommodate wherever possible. Sometimes, they might not know the song or it isn’t possible. To avoid disappointment, we have an online ‘music portal’ that gives you exclusive access to entertainment details for your wedding. We’ll share with you an example setlist here once it’s ready based on your entertainment selection. You’ll be able to choose your favourites and must-have songs from the setlist (and if there’s a song you’re just not into, you can ask to remove it). You can also request your chosen act learn up to 2 songs of your choice (you know, the ones that have special meaning to you and your partner). These can be scheduled to be performed at any time during your wedding day (like walking down the aisle, your first dance or reception entrance).

We have a few special songs we want to hear at our wedding – is this possible?

Just for you, it’s a yes! You might get lucky that the songs you want are ones your act already knows, but if not (yup, those more obscure indie hits) all packages include up to 2 requested songs your act will learn for your big day. In fact, hearing your requests and learning them is one of our team’s favourite parts! We can even send through a snippet of the rehearsal before the day to get you pumped to hear them live!

How long is the aisle song during my ceremony?

We’ll have a chit chat with your wedding celebrant in advance of the ceremony and they’ll give us an indication to how they are setting the pace and a cue for us to start playing. Good job you on selecting live music for your ceremony, as live acts are very responsive to changes like pausing or playing a song a little faster or slower. This is important since everyone has a different pace down the aisle. Your musicians they will work (i.e. play) to yours, just don’t start power walking, please!

We have multiple locations for ceremony and reception – how much does it cost to relocate?

Zero, zilch, nada, nothing…you get the idea! We don’t believe in relocation fees or hidden costs – what you see is what you get! Regardless of the package you book, every hour we’re present at your wedding is included in our coverage of entertainment. So, if your coverage is 7 hours, then this will include our travel time in between. If you need to be covered longer due to a relocation, you can always customise your package and add on as much time as you need – just ask us and we’ll take care of the rest.

What if our ceremony doesn’t have power?

Yikes! Just kidding – this isn’t an issue. We come prepared; it’s your big day, after all. We can provide your soloist, duo, trio or wedding band with their own battery-powered sound system for an additional cost. Just have a chat with your Event Manager to organise this one – no hassle. 

I want to secure my entertainment BUT I don’t know my wedding times yet!

No problem, we can work around you! If you’d like to lock in your wedding band so no one else snaps them up in the meantime, you can pay your deposit and let us know the date. We’ll block the date out (since bands generally don’t play more than one wedding per day) and that way you’ve secured the act of your choice. Down the track closer to your date we can work out the finer details – easy peasy!

What happens to the music if the musician/s need a toilet break?

Each experienced Hey Jack musician knows how to keep their breaks short and sweet. Breaks are timed so that you have live music for all the important moments throughout the day; you’ll never be without live music for your reception entrance, cutting the cake, your first dance, speeches, etc. Your performers will also cue pre-corded songs to play during any breaks that fits your overall song selection style. We can help you put together a playlist for these breaks or if you prefer, you can send us your Spotify playlist. The main breaks will be a few reasonable bathroom breaks throughout the day and refuelling with some food so they can go the distance!

There are a few things I’d like to change in my package, is that possible?

We like to ensure our packages are as flexible and customise as possible so we can help you achieve your #weddinggoals. Our packages are examples of the most popular timelines couples love, but everything is tailored and we love to personalise even more wherever possible. For example, if you’d like your entertainers to play longer, want them to wear a special colour (all black attire, white or neutrals for a beachy wedding, etc.), or feel like adding an instrument or two (or three…) – you can. Let’s create a bespoke, perfect package together!

How much room do I need for my wedding musicians?

This will vary a little pending the wedding musician you select. As an example, if you opt for a 4 piece, they will require roughly 3m x 3m of space, including the speakers. A 2 or 3 piece requires approx. 2m x 2m, but to be on the safe side please check with us prior to the day. We like to boast a pretty compact set-up, but certain instruments have different specs!

Do I need to organise anything for the entertainment on the day?

We like to say, you bring the guests and we’ll bring the musical atmosphere and good vibes! It’s your big day and we’re sure you have a lot of important things to do, so the answer to this is nothing at all! We bring all equipment, the sound system and if you’d like we can even bring some basic lighting for your reception. Oh, and some musical fuel (dinner) for the band would be fab (to make sure they keep playing all day (and night) long at their best)!

Can I meet my wedding musician/s before my wedding?

Absolutely! We know this is so important since our wedding musicians will be a huge part of your day. We love being able to offer you the chance to meet us and your act prior so you can be reassured the vibe is spot on and everything meets your expectations. We are more than happy to arrange a meet and greet in person at our Prahran studio to chat all things weddings, music style and requests (plus a cheeky glass of the bubbly stuff). Please note, this has an extra cost, but just ask us for more info! If you can’t make it in person, that’s okay, we can set up a virtual meeting instead.

Can we see our preferred wedding musicians play live before booking?

We weren’t kidding when we said our Hey Jack wedding entertainers are some of Melbourne’s best, and a lot of our artists perform live at public venues when they aren’t delivering feel good hits at Melbourne’s best weddings. Let us know which act you’re interested in and we can check with them and email us you some dates. It’s a great opportunity to see your act in front of a crowd and how they interact and look on stage, in person!

How much does a live wedding music entertainment cost?

We pride ourselves on exceptional entertainment at palatable prices. Our live wedding musicians start at $X for a soloist. Prices vary depending on the set-up you prefer and the time required. For example, 5 hours coverage for a 2 piece starts at $2,000 ex GST, a 3 piece from $3,000 and 4 piece from $4,000. We make sure you aren’t hit with additional extras so travel and time are also factored into the cost.

Other than music, what other kind of entertainment options do you offer?

With every music entertainment package, we can include basic lighting at no extra cost. However, if you’d like something a little extra special that has some serious WOW factor, like effects for the dance-floor, we have some pretty cool options available. If the sky is the limit (literally), you can dance on a cloud with our Radiance Lights Package which really turn things up a notch. It includes a scented vapour fog machine and stunning light beam effect for a real statement. Just let us know what you’re envisaging and we can send you a quote!

How long will my wedding act perform for?

It’s up to you! Our packages start at 5 hours, and we have all day packages which cover you for 7 hours (or more) of music bliss – right from the start of your day (ceremony, canape hour) through to your reception entrance, first dance, speeches, cutting of the cake and dancefloor beats. If you’re planning on partying into the wee hours, you can add on even more time by the hour so the good times can keep rolling and the fun doesn’t have to stop for your once in a lifetime event!

Do you offer live music for my wedding ceremony only?

For couples who want the spontaneity, showmanship and emotion that comes with live music at their ceremony, this is a great option. There is a minimum charge of 2 hours for our live acts and pending on your plans, you can extend this by the hour if your ceremony is going to be a bit longer or you’d like the canapé hour included also to excite and entertain guests before the fun of your reception begins!

How do I choose a wedding musician or wedding band?

We have lots of footage showcasing the incredible talent for all of our entertainers on our website. This includes a mix of ‘showreels’ and performances at other amazing weddings they have played at. We recommend you use these as a tool to explore the genres and specialities or different musicians and also to determine which seems like the best look and feel for your wedding vibe. If you’d like to see more of any particular act, just get in contact with us and we’ll refer you to some more examples wherever possible!

Which vicinities do you cover/Where abouts in Melbourne do you play?

Our Hey Jack artists know (almost) no bounds when it comes to delivering a soulful performance and have played at weddings spanning the Dandenong Ranges, Geelong and Bellarine, the Yarra Valley, Albury and Wadonga, Lakes Entrance and Gippsland, the Mornington Peninsula and of course central Melbourne. You could say we really get around in our pursuit of making wedding music magic happen! If you don’t see your location on that list, just reach out and ask us!

Can live wedding bands and acoustic musicians play dance music?

Our live music acts offer amazing setlists for party receptions that will have you and your guests itching to get on the dancefloor. They know how to put a unique spin on classic hits to make them ‘D-Floor proof’ and can cover a lot of popular dance hits, however if you’re looking for up-beat, more electronic dancefloor tunes or Bohemian Rhapsody sing-along vibes, this is better suited to our wedding DJ’s. If you don’t want to forgo live music, our hybrid DJ-Band option, which you can read more about below!

I want the best of both worlds - live music and a DJ?

Ah, yes, the DJ-Band wedding entertainment hybrid! Best reserved for receptions rather than ceremonies, this option is an eclectic combination of the best parts of an engaging wedding DJ, mixed with the energy, interactivity and fun of a wedding band. Your live vocalist, instrumentalists and DJ play seamlessly together to elevate your entertainment to another level and really get your guests in the mood to cut some shapes on the dancefloor! The best part, you can customise this even more by choosing the instruments you’d like included – sax, drums, guitar, trumpet, and more!

What info do my partner and I need to give you for our entertainment?

We’ll set up a super easy to operate (even your nan could do it) personalised online Music Portal for you. This will allow you to curate your own setlist and make song requests, including listing the moment you want them played. We also require a run sheet for the day when it’s finalised so everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be there (yes we love organisation!). Your chosen act will also be in contact with the venue a few weeks prior to your wedding date to ensure any sound system and other requirements are good to go! Other than that, that’s why you’ve got us, to do as much of the ‘heavy lifting’ for you as possible!

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