String Quartets For Your Melbourne Wedding

19 01 22

Should I have a string quartet at my wedding?

Ahhh, string quartets. Is there anything more graceful? If you’re thinking about hiring a string quartet for your wedding (and quite frankly, you should be), here’s everything you need to know! If you’re after the ultimate, elegant wedding entertainment, you can’t go past a beautiful and alluring string quartet! Whether they’re gracefully welcoming your guests, enhancing your canape hour or serenading you down the aisle, we can make your dreams a reality with Melbourne’s most romantic (and stylish) string quartets.

From classical music, traditional ballads or a romantic take on modern hits (Ed Sheeran, we’re looking at you!), we can help you create the perfect atmosphere with an equally perfect wedding string ensemble. At Hey Jack, we have relationships with Melbourne’s most beautiful string quartet groups (they have us swooning every time). Our performers will make you fall in love again and again, with every perfect note and soaring harmony. We do it so well because we know how to match your unique vibe with a Melbourne string ensemble that fits you as snug as the relationship with your spouse-to-be!

Hire a string quartet for a most elegant affair

Wondering what a string quartet is? Apart from creating an ambience and sophistication that’s second-to-none, a traditional string quartet is made up of a violin, viola, cello and double bass. However, at Hey Jack, we can customise your experience to fit your preferences.

It’s your wedding day, so you must treat yourself to an incredible musical experience that you and your guests will remember forever. You can live your Romeo and Juliet moment with a solo harpist that’s sure to bring a tear to the eye or go for a complete string ensemble that will make your grand entrance a showstopper as they elevate and soften the mood when the timing is just right.

To book a string ensemble for your wedding, contact Hey Jack today!

A live string quartet gives you control of your ceremony.

A live string quartet gives you control over your ceremony rather than playing a music recording that can’t be altered. You and your string ensemble can plan how the day will unfold. Together you can decide how to adjust their speed to match your walking style, when to seamlessly fade in and out as required, and put together a playlist of the songs you love!

Wedding string quartets also make an incredible starting performance before moving on to your band acts or DJs. Add a talented vocal soloist to the group (which we can easily arrange for you), and you’ve got yourself the ultimate introduction to your ceremony and festivities. Imagine setting the scene for your big day with a glorious string quartet accompanied by one of our highly sought-after wedding vocalists, crooning you with the voice of an angel.

Curate a playlist, hire a string quartet

With Hey Jack, you can curate your wedding playlist from beginning to end. We recommend hiring a string quartet to kickstart your wedding ceremony. This means being there to welcome your guests, warming up the cocktail and canape hour, and walking the beautiful bride down the aisle. You can handpick each song that’s meaningful to you or work with the quartet to understand your taste, so they can pick some breathtaking tunes that will suit your style. You can choose precisely when you’d like the string quartet to play each song, or let them surprise you throughout the ceremony!

Melbourne’s best string ensembles, ready to make your wedding incredible

Love the idea of a gorgeous string ensemble serenading your Melbourne wedding? Are you a true romantic who’s always dreamed of a big day filled with sophistication? Want to curate an ‘atmosphere’ rather than entertain? Then you’re meant to have one of Melbourne’s best string quartets playing for you on your wedding day.

At Hey Jack, we can match you (and your perfect catch) with a string quartet that suits your wedding theme, personality and unique style. Whether smooth and soulful or something a little jazzier, you won’t need to compromise on what you want or deserve. We’ll customise a package to suit your needs and uplift your mood!

After helping countless happy couples find their perfect groove, we know that no two weddings are the same (and no two couples are even remotely alike!) So you can feel confident going into your big day knowing that you’re in the best of hands. We mean it. Wedding entertainment is more than just our job. We’re hopeless romantics who understand that nothing less than perfection will do.

Contact us at Hey Jack to book a string quartet for your Melbourne wedding.

String Quartet Wedding Melbourne

Melbourne’s best string quartets, fresh from the symphony to you!

At Hey Jack, we don’t settle for mediocre entertainment or cookie-cutter weddings. We’re here to ensure that your wedding makes a big impact on you and your guests. And if that means dragging some of Melbourne’s finest string players from the symphony to you, then so be it! We can offer you a custom experience from end to end. We can make it work, whether that’s a solo instrumentalist or full ensemble. We also recommend pairing your strings with an incredible wedding band that can take your sophisticated soiree up a couple of notches once the champagne is well and indeed flowing. We’ve got fantastic wedding bands that will have your guests up and dancing all night long. 

Maintain the old-worldly charm of your string quartet by following it up with a big band or jazz ensemble. Or, why not surprise your guests (whether they like it or not) with a roaming band of saxophone and bongo players who want to get up close and personal with the audience. By bundling your entertainment (we also provide wedding photography and videography) into one, your wedding will be cost-effective and we’ll even throw in some lovely little perks, like factoring in travel time and other miscellaneous costs that some string quartet wedding entertainers charge extra for.

How to find the perfect string quartet for your wedding

Finding the perfect string quartet for your wedding is all about checking out the goods before making your booking. At Hey Jack, we encourage you to watch videos of all our entertainers in action, so you can get a feel for your favourites before booking yourself in for a meet and greet. You also need to find a wedding string quartet provider who’s happy to answer all your curly questions (have we mentioned we love curly questions?) This is the only way to know whether the group will be the right fit for you. 

So let’s make some beautiful memories together! Get in touch with the team at Hey Jack and we’ll match you with the string quartet of your dreams.

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