Top Reasons To Choose A Live Wedding Band

18 08 21

Live wedding bands go where pre-recorded wedding music can’t

Let’s start with a huge congrats on your engagement and pending nuptials! It goes without saying the following months of planning will be full of excitement, lots of decisions and hopefully as little stress as possible. With that said, you are no doubt here because you want to find (and snatch-up) the absolute best Melbourne wedding band and engaging entertainment option for your big day.

We get it! Entertainment and music are an integral part of every wedding. We’re to help make your Melbourne wedding band choice as easy as possible with our top considerations below. Apart from the amazing music aspect, having a band physically on stage:

  • Creates a great focal point for guests
  • It is a more personalised experience than pre-recorded music
  • Your musicians will “read the room” and encourage people to mix and mingle 

INSIDER’S TIP: You don’t need that giant ice sculpture of a dolphin to draw people’s attention and be a show-stopping feature – you’ll have an incredible live band!

Distinctive notes for a uniquely YOU celebration

If you love versatility and flexibility, then a live band is going to be great for your wedding. It doesn’t matter if you envision a relaxed, laid-back wedding, or a dynamic modern affair; there is a live band choice to perfectly fit your theme and vibe – be that by the beach, vineyard, farm or city. That might mean smooth, soulful vocals accompanied by an acoustic guitar, or, perhaps you want to dance the night away to the pumping beats of live instruments mixed with a DJ – both are totally achievable! 

Just like a sophisticated adult pick n’ mix, when it comes to choosing a wedding band, there really is something to suit every couples’ theme, vibe and music taste. Most bands specialise in specific styles, so you can choose the best band to bring your preferred music mix alive on your big day! 

The extra sweetener is that each band of talented individuals will inject a little of their own unique and distinctive flavour into their music, so the music you know and love will have something a little extra.

Have a personal touch

Personal requests are part of the beauty of a live wedding band! We’ve been to a wedding where the newlyweds’ surname was “Henderson”, and they picked “Mrs Robinson” as their reception entrance song. Where the lyrics say: “Here’s to use Mrs Robinson”, the band changed this to “Here’s to you: the Henderson’s, your friends and family love you more than you can know, woah, woah, woah!”. It was a massive hit with guests too!

INSIDER’S TIP: This entire process will be as simple as possible because you’ll be paired with a fabulous entertainment coordinator. They will work closely with you to organise your wedding band and execute your requests.

The best wedding bands in Melbourne are interactive, customisable & personalised

Our selection of live wedding bands give you a choice and lots of opportunities to customise things:

Review and select particular song choices

  • We know it’s essential to have peace of mind ahead of time and understand that the variety of songs will meet your expectations! You can see the setlist ahead of time and request any changes. 
  • The best bands can also learn at least 2-3 songs of your choice – be these obscure favourites, well-known hits you and your partner love, or sentimental songs with a special meaning to you both. You can also select the time you’d like certain songs to play, so they coincide with an important moment like your first dance, reception entrance song or final song of the night. 

Add on extra vocalists or instruments

Why not add a smokin’ saxophonist, thumping trumpet or hypnotic bongo drum at your reception to make things even more interactive. Apart from raising the roof with an unexpected and exhilarating music twist, the musician can move around freely to engage with your guests. 

Wedding Live Band Plus DJ Hey Jack

A live wedding band means music for every meaningful moment

It is not an overstatement to say that wedding entertainment and music play a part in almost every aspect of your wedding, helping to complement and weave together a magical story of special moments. 

Get Reception Ready

Your band will build excitement and announce you both with your song of choice for your big reception entrance as an officially married couple. This kind sees everyone on their feet clapping! 

It’s first dance time, be that together or father/daughter and mother/son! As you take to the stage in each other’s arms and glide across the floor, heartfelt and soulful lyrics will be enhanced by meaningful guitar notes, exquisite vocals and raw emotion. Songs that remind you of the special bond you share with your partner, mum or dad can be re-created with the support of the best live musicians. They will help make this moment truly memorable for the rest of your lives. 

Once the dancefloor *officially* opens for business, the most energetic performers, impressive showmanship, catchy melodies and big notes that will have you:

  • dancing until your feet can’t dance anymore,
  • singing all the songs (even the ones you don’t quite remember the lyrics to), or 
  • having the time of your life alongside the people who mean the most to you
Wedding Bands Melbourne Hey Jack

Hey Jack’s best Melbourne wedding band recommendations



This Melbourne wedding band can tailor their setlist to suit any style! Wild Card is a talented trio comprised of vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and drums. If you’re looking for an upbeat reception with serious dance vibes and a pop-rock edge – look no further!

They perform similarly to a full 5-piece band. Their vast, varied repertoire means something in store to get everyone moving on the dancefloor from the first song until the last! Want them all day long from the start till finish? Well lucky for you, this band can do it all, and form a duo (B&E) for your ceremony, delivering softer background music and sweet harmonies appropriate for guests mingling during canapé hour.

Kimono Drive

Exclusive to Hey Jack, Kimono Drive has years of experience performing both together and separately. Their percussion (drum pad), guitar and vocal combination will deliver the reception of your dreams, with endless dance-worthy songs.

If it’s a party you’re after, Jackson and Jed from Kimono Drive can pair up with Bails, one of our most sought-after soloist/DJs, and create a high energy Trio Band for a unique, up-tempo act that is compact in size, but mighty in music prowess. Yes, please!


Want the excitement of live music PLUS a reception that feels like the most memorable party ever? There’s no need to choose between the showmanship and engagement of a wedding band or the ultra-engaging personality of a Melbourne wedding DJ when you don’t have to.

We’ve combined the two so your big day will be covered from start to finish with musical magic for those sweet, emotional moments (#aisle, #first dance), right through to your reception full of the tunes you love to get everyone up on the dancefloor! A live DJ is paired with professional instrumentalists who play together for an immersive and unrivalled entertainment experience! This hybrid package means you and your guests get to have your cake AND eat it too.


Laneway performs a mixture of pop, rock n roll, soul and reggae – both new and old, from Bob Marley to Angus & Julia Stone. The band consists of highly talented musicians with extensive touring and recording experience, male and female lead vocalists, and guitarists. A performance from Laneway is always sure to throw in a few surprises, with a setlist and musical style designed to make your special event a memorable one.

INSIDER’S TIP: don’t be shy to ask how long your preferred band performed together. It’s nice to know if many musicians are pulled together to form a band (some companies do this) or if they have that genuine long-term synergy that can’t be faked! A band’s experience together (or lack of) is undeniable when they get on stage!

Next Steps In Finding The Best Melbourne Wedding Band For You

Hey Jack has years of wedding entertainment experience. Our exceptionally talented group of musicians put professionalism, incredible tunes and good vibes first.

We’re not exaggerating when we say they are some of the best wedding bands in Melbourne and that beyond the incredible talent, they are reliable, versatile, and know what it takes to get (and keep) a party going all night long.

Our goal is to take the stress away for you – from organising your entertainment to helping you get everything you envisage for your big day! We also know no two weddings (or budgets) are the same and have a range of packages suited to weddings of all shapes and sizes.

Want to chat more? Or, have any questions we can answer? Book a chat with one of our friendly Event Managers.

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