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Real moments, the ones that hit you right in the feelers, that’s what we’re here to capture. No posed awkwardness or stiff grins just you, the two of you and your unique story. The couples we love to meet are much less about formal tradition, more about living in the moment and having the absolute time of their lives… If this is you, then we know we’re going to get along wonderfully!

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Melbourne Wedding Photographer

Photographs have always been a powerful way to experience some of the most cherished moments of our lives. My passion lies in creating photographs that document these moments in an intentional, artful, and cinematic way.

Wedding Photography Melbourne
Beautiful wedding photography Melbourne

Melbourne Wedding Photographer

We value our connection with our couples above everything else…

We are a small tight-knit team of image-makers. Over the last 5 years, we have carefully built the “Hey Jack Method”, a proven approach to wedding photography that has led us to become the industry’s gold standard. This approach is driven by the music that moves you, the cities that inspire you, and most importantly your own unique story. Our style is timeless, cool and has a distinctly candid and cinematic approach.

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We value our connection with our couples above everything

A strong relationship is the foundation to incredible photography. We accomplish our unique approach to storytelling through this fundamental approach of getting to know you. It all starts with the absolute highest level of customer service. Hey Jack is a complete end-to-end boutique experience. From the moment you enquire, you will be designated your dedicated event coordinator who will walk you through the entire wedding photography process.

Melbourne Wedding Photographers
Wedding photographer melbourne

Fun, Creative Melbourne Wedding Photographers

Creating legacies for modern lovers

The Hey Jack family of passionate artists, designers and Melbourne wedding photographers who capture really wonderful people, moments, love, laughter and everything that happens in between. Over the past years, we’ve been blessed to work with some of the most incredible humans on this planet. From our incredible brides, grooms, designers, editors, photographers and everyone else, our Hey Jack family has grown into something very special. It’s because of each one of these people that Hey Jack always ranks as the top Wedding Photographer in Melbourne.

Dive into our process

How your wedding photo gallery comes to life

We want to keep your wedding photography process as simple and straightforward as possible, so here’s a speedy breakdown of what you can expect working with us:


Let’s get to know each other a little better and have a casual call or chat over coffee to see if we’re a good fit for you! Once you’re ready to make things official, we require a 30% deposit to start planning, and we’ll share all the info you need regarding what to expect during the process.


Finalise the balance, and complete your wedding portal, including all your must-not-miss moments for your wedding!

Finalise the balance, and finalise you wedding portal including all your must-not-miss moments for your wedding!


Let’s jump on a call and run through your wedding portal and make sure we’re up-to-date on any changes.


We’ll let you know when we’re on the way, arrive early (and caffeinated) to set-up, and from there capture ALL the memorable moments in our unique, stylish way!

05. 1-2 DAYS AFTER

We’ll send you a dozen or so ‘sneak peeks’ the day after the wedding, so you’ve got something to share and enjoy straight away.

06. 30-45 DAYS AFTER

We work as quickly as we can, but we don’t want to rush and leave you with anything less than perfection. Countless hours of dedication later, we’ll deliver your photos via your own personalised web portal that you can share with your friends and fam.

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Wedding Photography FAQ’s

Info to help you pick the best wedding photographers in Melbourne

Can you describe your photography style?

We make bold, beautiful and unique photographs that are focussed on moments. Like you, we don’t love forced, posed photography and so most of the day we are in documentary mode, capturing moments as they happen on your day. For the portraits, we will offer direction so you feel comfortable but not too much that it feels forced.

How and when will I receive my wedding photos?

Your full gallery will be online inside 6 weeks. It’s written into your contract, so you’ve always got peace of mind that there won’t be any massive months-long wait. Oh, and since we love your faces, we’ll send you a dozen or so ‘sneak peeks’ the day after the wedding too, so you’ve got something to share and enjoy straight away. You will receive a stunning and personalised online gallery where you can organise, keep, share and print your photos from.

Do you shoot with a second Shooter or do you have an assistant?

When you book Hey Jack you will book in one of our 3 lead photographers for your wedding day. We love to keep things intimate and not make a big production of the photos. Our premium packages include two shooters and we recommend this for larger weddings, numbers over 150.

Can I order albums or wedding magazines after the wedding?

Yes! We love to see photos get printed and made into albums. It brings them to life. We offer amazing custom designed albums. We also can arrange custom framed prints. For smaller prints and products, your online gallery will have a store attached which makes the whole process very easy.

I don’t have a wedding planner. Can you assist with my wedding planning timeline?

Absolutely. This is part of the personalised service that is included for all our wedding clients. In fact, this is what makes us different from other photographers. With over 20 collective years in the industry within our team we have the expertise to plan complex events, so assisting with a wedding timeline is just part of the service.

Should we have a meeting?

I always suggest we meet via phone conversation or on a zoom chat. This is an opportunity to get to know each other, and we can discuss the plan for your big day. Every wedding is different, so we discuss a unique plan tailored specifically for your wedding day.

Tips for the camera shy?

Do many people really love having their pic taken? I am very happy to be behind the camera most days not in front of it lol. We have many ways to help you both feel super comfy with us on that day, so much so that by the time we get to the portrait part of the day things will feel really natural. We provide loose direction to you during portraits, to put you in great light (we’re photo nerds for great light) and also to ensure you’re images feel as natural as possible. No cheesy shiz here, only timeless, fun and natural imagery. After 10 years of photographing people, I understand that is all about both of you feeling safe enough to be yourself and have a laugh. If you need it, I give you as much or little direction as you need.

Our wedding won’t be very traditional, is that cool?

It’s very cool. There’s a lot of crazy wedding traditions out there, that just don’t make sense these days. Not keen on a bouquet toss? don’t do it! Don’t want a bridal party at all? Scrap it. Your wedding should be as unique to you both as possible, and shouldn’t fit a mould. We’ve photographed some crazy moments over the years, and have some cool stories of unique weddings we could share, so we hope that trend continues.

I’ve seen cheaper photographers – I guess you’re full time?

This is our full-time gig. We’re not the cheapest wedding photographers around, but we’re not the most expensive either. You’ll find the cheaper guys are often supporting themselves with part-time jobs, shooting just a couple of wedding a year to supplement their income. But you’ll find they don’t have the insurances and backup procedures in place that a professional should have; the experience to adapt to a wedding day’s challenges, and won’t often do your wedding day justice. Most of all, they’re not just not Hey Jack!

Do you have Insurance?

Absolutely we do. In Melbourne, some wedding venues will insist that any contractor that comes onto their property to work, such as a photographer on a wedding day, be covered by 5 million or up to 20 million in Public Liability Insurance. Please feel free to request a copy of our Certificate for 20 Million Public Liability cover at any time.

Do I need two photographers?

We shoot weddings solo most of the time. If we need a second shooter, that budget is added to the total cost of the booking. Second shooters are great for weddings larger than 100 guests. It’s not essential, but it can help increase the ability to photograph your guests and their shenanigans and funny business you may otherwise not see. Weddings increasing in numbers beyond 120 are highly recommended to have a second shooter.

How do you feel about same sex marriage?

Love is love, we feel sad we have to mention that we support and capture all forms of love.

What is your style?

Authentic, fun and creative. We believe that you photos shouldn’t be a process, and that you don’t need to be away from your guests for hours on end. We provide loose direction to you for photographs on your day, but keep things light, relaxed and fun.

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