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Why choose an acoustic wedding singer for your big day? Soloists can also work wonders with weddings of any size or shape, and you can always add an instrument or two if you’d like. Hey Jack have helped organise amazing acoustic soloists for countless Melbourne weddings. We’re pretty well versed (if we do say so ourselves) in what makes a unique, memorable solo act who will deliver music magic!

All of our seasoned acoustic solo artists make every moment just that little bit extra special, from gliding down the aisle, to your canapé hour, first dance and other events throughout the day. Whichever of our talented Melbourne acoustic wedding singers you select, one thing’s for sure – they will ensure your day is full of the perfect ambience and atmosphere, from start to finish. Variety is the spice of life, so let’s say you’d love a soloist for your ceremony, but are after more of a party vibe that raises the roof at your reception. Can do! We can put together any kind of value driven, customisable package to make your vision a reality.


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There is nothing quite like a personal, live performance to complement an intimate wedding. It’s hard to picture a DJ spinning a keyboard heavy cover as you walk down the aisle (unless it’s a Vegas wedding)! Solo artists make wedding ceremonies feel personal and you can’t get more intimate than an acoustic soloist, perhaps accompanied by acoustic guitar or string instrument, singing a live, emotional rendition of your favourite songs. Their smooth melodic tones never overpower an intimate wedding and instead, perfectly match the vibe you’re going for. What’s more?

We ensure all of our Melbourne acoustic wedding singers complement your theme and style by ensuring the set list is what you love to hear (you’ll be involved in checking and approving it prior to your big day) and they’ll even do their best to dress the part too (i.e. coastal vibes, cocktail, all black attire). Having a solo act play as the entertainment at your wedding makes everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. It is also a great way to receive excellent value if you love the idea of having a live musician, but don’t want to blow the budget.


Entertainment and a wedding go hand in hand, but not just down the aisle! Music is a big consideration for every wedding, and unsurprisingly, plays a part in almost every moment of the day. Your selected soloist will help tie together all the important moments of the day, from beginning to end. They can be on hand for the entire wedding, entertaining guests before you even arrive to exchange your vows. This early presence really helps sets the tone for the rest of the day.

From here, your acoustic soloist will entertain your guests as they mingle during canapé or cocktail hour whilst you’re having a touch up, or photos taken pre-reception. They can deliver the emotion as you take to the stage for your first beautiful (and possibly tear-jerker) dance together, and any father/daughter, mother/son dances too. The best is yet to come! Heat things up by switching from a soloist to a DJ at the reception if you want to get everyone up on the dance-floor. Or, for an interactive, engaging feel at your reception, blend a solo vocalist with an amazing saxophonist, electric guitarist for a band feel that wows all in attendance.

intimate weddings melbourne


There are a few things that go into creating a recipe for success when it comes to choosing the best solo artist to play at your wedding. Firstly, what kind of style of music are you looking for – jazz, pop hits, more traditional classics, a new take on old favourites, rock or R&B. Then it’s time to decide if you’d like a relaxed, laid back vibe or a more upbeat higher energy performance style.

Does your vision include the support of any instruments like piano, woodwind, strings or brass instruments? If yes, which are the best to complement and support your acoustic wedding singer. Have you checked available videos showcasing your soloist’s talent prior to booking? This is a great way to get an idea of their overall vibe and whether or not they would be a fantastic fit for your wedding. On this note, would you like to meet the act in person prior (ask us how as in most cases we can arrange this for you!).

Finally, are there any special requests you’d like adhered to for your wedding – we can check with your preferred act and come back to you. We’re all here to make your day as magical and memorable as possible!

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We know there are so many details that go into a wedding from the venue, from what to wear, to the guest list, and of course entertainment. Whilst the experience of organising all these different special details can be a lot of fun – it can also be a bit daunting at times. That’s why we at Hey Jack are here to take the stress out of planning your entertainment. Our goal is to help make sure you have a fab experience before you even see and hear your chosen act live on the day.

Every booking receives their own dedicated, experienced Event Manager. This friendly team member will be on hand throughout the process to answer any and every question (no question is too silly to ask, promise) ensuring things run smoothly from the A-Z (that’s from the Atmosphere our musicians create to the Zero regrets you’ll have in working with Hey Jack). We’ll also set up a personalised online Music Portal which allows you to review and curate your own setlist and song requests, including listing the moment you want them played.

Your chosen act will also be in contact with the venue a few weeks prior to your wedding date to ensure everything ticks boxes when it comes to sound system requirements. Nothing last minute or forgotten here!


If you love the idea of value, live music and a more personalised and intimate feeling for your wedding entertainment, then the answer is YES! Compared to a big band, where there are several people on stage requiring extra space, a soloist is a bangin’ entertainment selection for any size and venue. Contrary to a DJ (don’t get us wrong, they’re great for wedding receptions), a soloist means no compromising on what you want. Plus, you’ll have an emotional element that comes from smooth, soulful renditions of your favourite songs, live and not pre-recorded.

We say: Your Day, Your Way!

Let’s get personal – we know there’s nothing quite like having songs tailored to your tastes. For this reason, you can choose your groove – a soloist who specialises in new renditions of classics and hits, soulful jazz or smooth R&B, whatever you like, let us know. Your chosen solo artist can also learn up to three songs of your choice, so if there’s a breathtaking ballad or upbeat banger you want to hear on the day, just request it in advance. We can even send through a snippet of the rehearsal of these special additions before the day #gethypedup! Most often our couples love to hear a song that reminds them of a special date or trip they took together, an inside moment just the two of you share or something that evokes a memory of you both and your guests! You can hear your requested songs at any time throughout the day, with popular choices being when you walk down the aisle, make your *official* entrance as a married couple or take to the stage for your first dance.

Customised, bespoke wedding singers & entertainment

You can literally roll solo, or you have the option to add an extra musician/instrument to accompany your talented soloist choice. It won’t sound like primary school singing over a group playing their recorders out of sync. Instead, enhance and elevate your ceremony with the soft notes of an acoustic guitar, piano or cello whilst your soloist hits beautiful, breathtaking notes.

Likewise, for your reception, if you’d like to turn things up a notch or two, why not add an electric guitar, drums or brass instrument like trumpet or sax to accompany our talented soloist in between big notes! That way you’ll be curating an upbeat party feel for your wedding reception.

We won’t break the budget – promise!

We touched on it earlier but as far as live acoustic wedding singers go – a soloist is a great choice for staying within a budget. This option lets you add on any extras you DO want and exclude anything you don’t. If you’d just like live music for your ceremony but not the reception, that will save you too! For all our soloist performers we have packages available to deliver you the best value, for example bundling with a DJ for the reception or photography and videography services Hey Jack also specialise in. If you need to relocate in between your ceremony and reception, we’ve got you covered. We account for this upfront so you don’t get hit with sneaky extra charges later. If your coverage is booked for seven hours, this includes travel time in between, not on top!

You’re covered for the best beats from anywhere

It doesn’t matter if you’re going country, coastal or keeping things city central for your wedding venue; our musicians travel all around Melbourne. We can play from the beach or the by the bar! Worst case scenario – let’s say your venue doesn’t have power, no problem, we have a battery powered sound system. Rest assured every single soloist Hey Jack works with is a super engaging, seasoned professional with lots of wedding experience under their belt! They will adapt to the wedding they are at and read the room to respond with the perfect energy level, be that relaxed or upbeat. For that reason, soloists work just as well for small venues as they do for larger ones.

Meet & Greet

Entertainment is a massive part of any wedding. In fact, it basically ties together all the important moments of the day, from your arrival to your exit. For that reason, we have lots of videos available of all of different solo acts so you can get to know their performance style ahead of time to help you make the best decision for the look and feel of your wedding. We understand that in some cases this might not be enough and it’s nice to see your act perform live prior or meet them in person. We can organise this for you, or if the dates suit you, you might be able to see our artists performing live at a pre-booked public venue. We love the chance to meet our couples beforehand and know it helps to be reassured that you’re in a safe pair of hands for something as important as your wedding!

Curly Questions

We love the curly questions! Let’s go through some of our most asked: Wondering what happens if you’re ready to lock in your entertainment and soloist but aren’t 100% on your wedding times yet? It’s not a problem! You can pay your deposit and secure the act of your choice for the date and then down the track we can work out the finer details – et voila! What happens if the act has to refuel with a food break or pop to the loo? It’s not a crazy think to wonder about, since this will definitely happen! Each artist is experienced and knows how to keep their breaks short and sweet and time them so that you have live music for all the big important moments. Your performer can also cue a pre-corded song to play during any breaks that fits your overall song selection style.
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