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KB draws his inspiration and style from the 3 different continents he’s lived and performed in. Having recently moved to Melbourne after performing in London. KB is an experienced and talented vocalist and pianist. KB’s baritone voice is contrasted nicely with his high falsetto tones, well suited to modern male-lead ballads. KB’s setlist includes incredible renditions from Blues, Soul, RnB and Pop genres. KB is available for Wedding Ceremony, Canapé, and Reception with a complete portable piano setup.

Most popular arrangements…

KB is a popular soloist option for your wedding ceremony and canapè hour. Select our Perfect Combo package and extend KB for 2 hours to kick-off reception before the DJ/Band takes over. 

Our most popular packages for KB is:


  • 2 Hrs Live Music for Ceremony & Canapè


  • 2 Hrs Live Music for Ceremony & Canapè
  • 5 Hrs Wedding DJ


  • 4 Hrs Live Music for Ceremony & Canapè & Start of Reception
  • 3 Hrs Wedding DJ

We’ve curated a bunch of wedding packages for you to choose from, making it super-easy for you to decide!