Mic & Base All Day Wedding Entertainment Package

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Mic & Base Wedding Entertainment


  • Ceremony – 1 hr live music
  • Canapé – 1 hr live music
  • Reception – 5 hrs Wedding DJ


We’ve run the numbers and Hey Jack’s Mic & Base package is the most cost-effective for the best Melbourne wedding entertainment (when you stick with a DJ only for the reception). Perfect for couples who want a relaxed or classic ceremony and then a reception that feels like a fun, social, party atmosphere with a wedding DJ spinning a mix of current and classic hits all night long!


  • Get your very own Hey Jack Event Manager to help you through song choices and liaise with the venue.
  • Select songs from our artist’s setlists to be performed at your special moments.
  • When we say all day, we mean it! A curated wedding playlist during the breaks means no awkward silences killing the vibe


  • Ceremony add cello, piano, violin, harp (or more, just ask!)
  • Reception add sax, vocalist, trumpet, even bongos if you want to go big or go home
  • Add on extra time if 7 hours just ain’t enough
Mic & Base Wedding Entertainment
Mic & Base Wedding Entertainment

Nailing the entertainment is pretty important since it sets the tone for the entire day and plays a part in almost every moment of your wedding. Your fabulous Hey Jack Event Manager is committed to making sure you have the best experience. No question is too silly and they are here to help guide you through your choices. Be as involved as you want, or leave it to us. You even have the option to access a personalised wedding portal to curate your music and run sheet with loads of song suggestions for each important moment.

Either way, our performers will be there to complement the ambience and create an unforgettable atmosphere. We’ll have you covered when you walk down the aisle to exchange ‘I do’s’, during canapé hour. The music of your choice will fill the room when you enter your reception and during all the festivities of the night from your first dance together, right up till you can’t dance anymore.

Love It, Tell Me More


Live acoustic music can begin before you even arrive to set the tone and allow your guests to manage their excitement and anticipation before the big entrance. Float down to isle to beautiful, gentle acoustic harmonies whilst soft cello notes cause the ones you love to probably start to tear up, just a little (or maybe a lot, this is a pretty magical moment).  Opt for an acoustic performer who can deliver a classic or modern take on tradition, marking the start of your amazing journey together as a soon-to-be-married couple.


Keep things relaxed and romantic with lovely mellow vocals and maybe add a cello or piano accompaniment for a sophisticated mood. Or, if you want to encourage your guests to mingle and get a little livelier before the reception starts, a more upbeat style of acoustic wedding band music or a new take on the best old classics will do the trick.


Entering the reception as an *officially married couple* is a big moment in the day! When the MC announces this, hopefully, it won’t be to the sound of an air horn (yes, true wedding story, we don’t speak of it), but more like notes of trombone and applause paired with the delicate clink of glasses ‘cheersing’ from your crowd of loved ones!

Later, get the tissues ready for your first dance. As you and your partner take to the stage under a magical setup of the LED stage and fairy lights, slow and emotional strings matched with touching acoustic melodies might make some guests wish they’d worn waterproof mascara. This is also a great opportunity to showcase a unique song for you both as a couple and have our musicians perform it for you. Sentimental choices always prove to be the most memorable moments.


Your Hey Jack wedding DJ will deliver the songs you love, ensuring a fun celebration – perfect for couples who want a real party vibe for everyone in attendance. If you want to make things a little extra special, bear in mind you do have the option to upgrade your DJ set with a sax, vocalist, bongos, trumpets (or perhaps all of those extras) to take your entertainment to the next level. You’ve been warned, the brass instruments are a big crowd pleaser and if you do include bongos it *may* lead to someone initiating a mini conga line and uncontrollable laughter.

Those distinctive ‘mini moments’ are accounted for too, such as the garter toss and bouquet throw – they’re classics, we get it! Can we recommend two absolute bangers for these? Hey Jack’s top picks: ‘It’s Raining Men’ (any version) or Blondie’s ‘One Way Or Another’! We can’t wait to hear your other suggestions!

Mic & Base Wedding Entertainment

Why Us?

Hey Jack has been a part of a lot of special weddings in Melbourne over the years. We know the excitement your big day will bring and that it will be full of your nearest and dearest, in a beautiful location with everyone looking like (at least) one million bucks.

We also know all those costs (cake, venue, hair, dress, suit, flowers, wedding photographer…) can rack up quickly and that it’s important to keep the champagne taste whilst also getting value. We want to take the stress away from organising your entertainment. Obvs you want to nail this choice, whether it’s comprised of an acoustic soloist or duo or a trio supported with instruments like cello, piano and guitar.

Our bespoke and best Melbourne wedding entertainment packages are sure to suit varying budgets and tastes. Plus, we look after the whole day of entertainment for you, from your ceremony right through to the dance floor. That way you can focus on what’s really important – having the time of your life!

We’re available to chat about your dream wedding entertainment requirements and answer any questions you have.

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Mic & Base Wedding Entertainment
Mic & Base Wedding Entertainment
Mic & Base Wedding Entertainment
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