Memorable Father/Daughter, Mother/Son Wedding Dance Song Choices

19 02 21

The special touches that go into bringing a wedding to life (think your venue, entertainment, catering and more) can only be matched by the special people that are part of it – perhaps none more so than mum and dad. That’s probs why there’s an entire dance dedicated to them (yup, we’re talking about the father/daughter, mother/son dance). These dances are an opportunity for you the share a tender moment with one of the most important people in your life.

Apart from the dance itself (and soaking up the love in the room), picking a song that fits this moment is pretty important! It might seem tricky to hone in on one unforgettable tune that encapsulates your relationship with your mum or dad, but this is where we (Hey Jack) come in! Below we share our top tips and recommendations for choosing your perfect song.

The More The Merrier

There are no rules at your wedding – well, at least none around this dance! If your mum or dad is unable to be there in person for this dance, you can absolutely ask your partner’s mum or dad, or another important role model in your life (be that your grandad, uncle, brother, nana, aunty, sister – you get the idea!) to whisk you around the floor instead. We’ve also seen fun and unique take on Mother/Daughter and Father/Son dances.

If you have a step mum/dad, or more than one mother or father in your life, why not organise in advance to start the dance with one of them. Then, midway through the dance, tap the other on the shoulder so you get to share this moment and memory with both of them!

Personalise Things

Don’t feel obligated to pick a mother/son or father/daughter wedding dance song that is specifically centred on parental relationships or has lyrics that say “mum, dad” etc. We suggest seeking some inspiration from your fam favourites. It could be a book mum or dad read to you as a wee one that has a film adaptation with a song from a scene you love.

Or, maybe you all religiously watched a TV show together and the theme song could work for your dance together. We’ve been to a wedding with ‘I’ll Be There For You’ as a fun, upbeat father/daughter dance because the entire family loved Friends. If you trust mum or dad’s taste and want to pay homage to them with this moment and dance, consider choosing a song that you know has a special meaning or is a favourite of theirs (as long as you like it too and it’s suitable for the vibe of your wedding).

Mother Son Dance Songs

The Best Father/Daughter Wedding Dance Songs

Daughters – John Mayer
John Mayer really nailed some beautiful lyrics about fatherly daughterly love with this one.

Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder
Well, isn’t she (you?). Stevie brings upbeat, pure feel-good vibes with a dance-worthy beat.

Unforgettable – Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole
It’s literally a father/daughter powerhouse combo – what more could you ask for?!

First Man – Camilla Cabello
Tissue alert! Modern pocket rocket Camilla is bearing her heart in this emotional song to her dad (all while talking about meeting the love of her life) – so pretty appropriate!

The Best Mother/Son Wedding Dance Songs

Okay, we know there are a few ‘Mum’s’ in the list below, but if you have a live band playing, don’t be afraid to ask them to change this to a more fitting Aussie ‘mum’ for your mother-son wedding dance song!

The First Lady In My Life – Paul Todd
This slower style dance will give mum ALL the feels with lyrics like “The first lady in my life was mum”.

93 Million Miles – Jason Mraz
It’s a beautiful beat to move around the dancefloor to, whilst these lyrics tug on the ole’ heart strings– “Oh my beautiful mother, she told me, son in life you’re gonna go far”

Take Your Mama – Scissor Sisters
Upbeat and SO catchy – you can really have fun with your dance moves for this one!

I’ll Be There – Mac Miller
A cool mix of casual rap (the kind mum would like) and gorgeous acoustic singing: “sunshine or rain, I’ll be there…I just hope she knows I love her, the world’s best mother

Father Daughter Dance Songs

​The below songs are broken into two separate categories and are fantastic choices for either the mother/son or father/daughter wedding dance. Simply give some thought to whether you’re after a more upbeat, happy song or a slower, more emotional tune. Our top picks for each style:

Joyful, Upbeat Wedding Dance Songs

  1. You’re My Best Friend – Queen
  2. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)– James Taylor
  3. Here Comes the Sun– The Beatles
  4. Hold My Hand– Hootie and the Blowfish
  5. I Will Walk With You– John Fogerty

Love Filled Emotional Slow Dance Songs

  1. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Remix – Israel Kamakawiwoʻole
  2. What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
  3. To Make You Feel My Love – Bob Dylan
  4. When You Need Me– Bruce Springsteen
  5. By Your Side – Sade

Classic, Feel Good Faves

  1. Can You Feel the Love Tonight?– Elton John
  2. She’s a Rainbow– The Rolling Stones
  3. The Way You Look Tonight– Frank Sinatra
  4. Just the Way You Are– Billy Joel
  5. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You – Rob Stewart
Father Daughter Dance Songs


Live bands: Once you’ve narrowed down your shortlist (picking 2 – 3 songs are ideal), double with your chosen musician to see if they already know the song and have it as part of their repertoire. If not, with advance notice they can learn it (the best wedding bands will be able to accommodate learning at least 1-2 requested songs)!

The vibe: Ensuring the song you choose matches the style of the band you’ve booked is equally important. If you have opted for an R&B act, a classic jazz song will likely sound different to the version you’re used to. Rest assured if this is the case, it’s often a great thing because you’ll get to hear your amazing band put their own flavour into the song you love!

Final Touches

Still need advice or help to finalise your wedding entertainment? The Hey Jack team are on hand. We specialise in making Melb weddings even more amazing via our killer entertainment, photography and videography services #memorablemomentsincluded. Learn more about our wedding packages.

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