Indigo DJ Band

This charismatic trio unites the alluring vocals of a female singer, the cool rhythms of a male saxophonist, and the high-energy beats of a DJ, serving up a versatile and dynamic performance. They’re all about spinning the great classics and today’s hits into a seamless musical journey, designed to keep your guests moving all night long. DJ Band is all about bringing the energy, the fun, and the unforgettable memories to your big day. So, gear up for a night filled with fantastic tunes and dance floor magic!

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We Found Love
How Will I Know
Rather Be


Reception Only Package i

This act can perform for your reception only. Beginning as guests enter, building their set across dinner, finishing with a big dance-floor. They will provide all sound & background music requirements.

Vocalist for DJ Band i

This vocalist can be booked in a high-energy DJ Band involving a DJ, Saxophonist and/or Percussionist to create an epic feature performance for your reception and start the dance floor once your formalities finish.

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