Film FAQ

Why do we even need a wedding film? Aren’t photos enough?
You know how they say your wedding day is gonna feel like a big blur? They’re right. Because you’re going to be busy getting your hair done, getting dressed, hugging guests and well..getting married! Photos are beautiful, but they don’t capture the tear-jerk speech your dad makes or the emotion as you exchange vows. They don’t grab Uncle Sam “Flossing” on the D-floor or the look on his face as you walk down the aisle.

When it’s all over, it’s the person you get to spend the rest of your life with that really matters. But you’re only going to have this day once and trust us – you’ll want to relive and remember it as much as you possibly can. Want another perk? Our wedding films are designed to be heirlooms – you’re not just capturing it for yourself, you’re obtaining it for your children and their children. We’ll make it worth watching 30 (or 60 years) from now.

How is Hey Jack Films different from other videographers?

At Hey Jack, we don’t just give you a wedding video – we’re creating a cinematic experience that captures the essence of your relationship and the biggest day of your life. We’re also a one-stop-shop, so you can come to the office and meet Jordyn + Rich and go through your Entertainment options and Video in one hit. You have enough to do, and there’s nothing worse having to repeat yourself 3 times!

That means we don’t:

  • Cookie-cutter, generic videos (or raw footage)
  • Un-natural dramatic effects
  • Trendy music or effects (that become embarrassing over time)
  • Mismatched audio + visuals
  • Force our personality on your video
One of us (or both of us) is camera-shy. What should we do?

We get ya! Unless you’re an insta model or a celebrity, it’s not like you’re being filmed and photographed by pros every day, right? That’s why we must build a relationship with you – even before you decide to work with us. We’ll be meeting you over a casual coffee or FaceTime chat and investing time in getting to know your preferences and personality.

Who picks the music?

We do! This is because we need to pay to license the music to avoid copyright infringement. It’s also essential that the music will complement the feel of your wedding day without sounding outdated after 10 years. If there is a specific song that’s very meaningful for you and it will definitely fit your day, let us know, and we’ll see if we can license it!

Our wedding is 10 hours long - will we get a 10-hour video?

As much as we would love to edit a 10-hour long video, unfortunately, no! We are a short-form film squad – so that means we don’t capture every second of your day (like a CCTV) – we only capture the moments you will care about. Here’s a different way to think about it. Hollywood takes 10-12 months (or more) to shoot a film – then whittle all those footage down into a compelling movie that’s just 1.5 hours long. That’s what we’ll do with your movie. We’ll take the very best moments of your day, and we will thoughtfully edit it down to create a non-boring, meaty-yet-digestible, beautiful wedding film. The final highlight film is usually 3-4 minutes long. Want something longer? You can book the Showreel plus option. (Our couples love them!)

Do you supply raw footage?

No, we don’t. Because the full power of your film experience is not just in our shooting but in the weeks of cutting, colour grading, audio engineering with our editor magician-level editing. Asking for “raw” footage from our cameras is like asking for raw beef at a burger shop. It’s kinda gross. (And eating it will give you awful runs.) Instead, what we’d want you to experience is an out-of-the-world gourmet burger with a fried goat cheese topping. Mmm-hmm. If there’s a special moment that we absolutely should not miss – tell us in advance and we’ll add it to your films instead.

When will you deliver our film/s to us?

You will be able to enjoy your 4-6 minute Highlight film online 60 days after your wedding, and if you’ve ordered the longer films will take no later than 90days. We do take our time creating and polishing your films – because this is for your family’s heirloom – and heirlooms are not built in a day. If you’d like a faster turnaround, we do offer V.I.P. rush editing (all films done in 1 month after your wedding).

How will you work with our photographer?

We believe that both photos and films are equally important – so we’ll do our best to collaborate with them and stay out of each other’s way. If we haven’t worked with your photographer yet, we’ll take the time to get in touch with them a few days or weeks before your wedding so we can create a game plan together. Easy!

Do you guys join us for dinner?

Obviously, we don’t have to sit at the head table, but without food, we can’t perform. The best timing for us to eat is when you eat. Because most of the time that’s when nothing is happening and we don’t miss anything and continue with loads of energy right after. This is important to discuss with the caterer beforehand.

What are the travel fees?

For a destination and overseas wedding, we charge for the direct cost of flights with Qantas, transport (i.e. a car hire) and basic accommodation. For weddings within Australia that involve vast driving distances, we charge a travel fee of $2 per km further than 40km of Melbourne CBD.

Cancellation Fee?

Once the deposit is paid, it is non-refundable, regardless of whether or not your booking goes ahead. If you choose to cancel your booking before final payment, you will no longer be liable to pay the remaining 50% balance.

OK, we LOVE you! What’s the next step to book you?

Awesome! We’re going to have so much fun! The first thing we’ll do is to set up a casual meet and greet over the phone – so we can get to know each other and recommend what collection will work for you best. To be fair to everyone, we don’t pencil in dates. We can only be secured through the 50% deposit fee and a signed Agreement. The final balance is due 30 days before your wedding day. Thanks again for making it all the way here and we can’t wait to get to know you guys even better, soon!

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