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As wedding videography experts, our specialty is in crafting unique, authentic and cinematic-style wedding films that feature a strong storytelling element. We pay attention to all the “ingredients” of your wedding film, not just the emotion but also the cinematography — colours, audio, music and seamless transitions. This perfect mix of dramatic and romantic elements keeps your films exciting and meaningful.

Melbourne Wedding Films

Wedding videography crafted with meticulous attention to detail. We produce a small batch of weddings a year. On purpose. The result, is a bespoke narrative designed to last and be passed down for generations.

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Push Boundaries, Celebrate Rawness


We know that a day as special as your wedding requires the best creative talent to deliver an outstanding wedding film with a difference. That takes a team like us, who know how to seamlessly blend in on your big day, whilst secretly capturing all the amazing moments of your wedding adventure. We pride ourselves on creating highly impactful wedding films that will last many lifetimes. Stunning cinematography and a modern, sophisticated approach to editing are the foundation of our work.

Selected Wedding Films

Cinematic wedding films full of details, creativity & emotion

We’re known for some of the best, most unique, cinematic wedding videography in Melbourne, and we’ve done it for a range of truly phenomenal couples on their breathtaking wedding days. We offer a limited number of videography opportunities each season, which allows us to dedicate the time required to bring your artistic masterpiece to life. Not just on the day, but especially behind the scenes in our editing room (this is where the other magic happens)! Each video is like a mini-cinematic movie full of gorgeous, raw emotion that celebrates your story on film. Our wedding videography dream team go the extra mile to ensure it represents you and the essence of your big day.

From our Creative Director

Artistic inspiration is super important for my process, so we limit the number of weddings we film each year to give couples our absolute best.

We strive to do things differently. Rather than offering a generic wedding film template, I work hard to get to know every couple personally, well before your big day. We want to build a real connection with you – so you feel relaxed in front of the camera and know that we have a personal investment in you and how your films turn out. The story has always been the core of who we are as wedding filmmakers. Not just in capturing pretty images of a wedding, but in telling the story of two people becoming one in a way that truly reflects those two individuals in a deeply personal way.

The beautiful thing is that every wedding day is unique. Every couple is special. We are commissioned to tell YOUR story. Our goal is to focus on the real emotions of your day and the interactions that will truly matter to you over time. These are stories worth passing down from generation to generation. I feel insanely lucky that we get to experience this day with you (and together as a couple, no less). For us, it’s why we do what we do, and I’ll make sure we capture your story exactly as you’ve felt it. Thank you for considering us to be part of your incredible wedding journey!

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Dive into our process

How your timeless wedding film is created

Our wedding videography and cinematography has the power to capture it all – loving glances, tears of joy, and everything in-between. We don’t just film your big day; we also pour hours into carefully editing your final wedding video for the best result imaginable. Of the many investments, you will make for your wedding, most last only in your memory after the day itself is over. A carefully crafted and edited wedding film is your keepsake that lasts the test of time. We know how many things you need to juggle when planning a wedding. We want to keep your wedding film videography as simple and straightforward as possible, so here’s a speedy breakdown of what you can expect working with us:


Let’s get to know each other a little better and have a casual call or chat over coffee to see if we’re a good fit for you! Once you’re ready to make things official, we require a 30% deposit to start planning, and we’ll share all the info you need regarding what to expect during the process.


Finalise the balance, and catchup to go over the run-through of events on your big day – and all your must-not-miss moments for your wedding!


Let’s jump on a quick call to make sure we’re up-to-date on any changes and weather backup plans (if needed).


We’ll let you know when we’re on the way, arrive early (and caffeinated) to set-up, and from there capture ALL the memorable moments in our unique, stylish way!


We’ll have our storyboard with all the best clips shortlisted into our timeline. This includes colour-grading each clip and overlaying ambient audio from your day throughout.


We work as quickly as we can, but we don’t want to rush and leave you with anything less than perfection. Countless hours of dedication later, we’ll deliver your final files that you can share with your friends and fam. Trust us, the best things in life are worth the wait!


More proof we’ll rock your world

“At first, we were torn over whether we really needed videography for our wedding. Shortly after we became engaged, we went to a friend’s wedding. It made us realise just how many different exciting things happen during the day, and moments you can easily miss because you’re in a conversation with someone else or dancing up a storm. We knew we’d regret it if we didn’t have this keepsake to look back on and enjoy whenever we feel a little sentimental.

We looked at a few different options trying to find the best wedding film options in Melbourne and after chatting to Rich and Jordyn from Hey Jack we just knew they were “the ones”. They just “got” our vision and style and vibe, and their process is so thoughtful and involved. I’m all about attention to detail and they are too which was great!

When we received the final file, I teared up a little watching it, just because it took me back to one of the best days of our lives. Thank you guys so much – this is something we’ll treasure forever and you were an important part of our big day.”

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Let’s Create Something Beautiful

Wedding Films FAQ’s

Info to help you pick the best wedding videographer in Melbourne

How is Hey Jack Films different from other wedding videographers?

We’re better! No, but seriously, what sets us apart from the pack is our genuine effort. We aren’t afraid to go the extra mile to make sure your big day is ah-mazing. That means a different thought process and a high level of attention to detail (that’s where the magic happens). We take pride in what we create and want every single wedding film to capture all the excitement, emotion, and memorable moments of the day. After all, an incredible film is the most powerful way to relive those *feels* over (and over)! We’ll make sure your wedding film is a story from start to finish, not just a bunch of random moments. We know that for many couples, their wedding film is a sentimental keepsake. The kind you can experience and celebrate with on special occasions, share with your family and friends, and save for the future kidlets in the years to come. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a billion (don’t check our math, but it sounds close). Hey Jack knows the long-lasting value and significance of having this memory. Unlike many expensive items that will be fab on the day but gone once it’s over, your film will last many lifetimes.

How do you work on the day?

You’re the captain of this wedding ship, and we’re the first mates there to support and guide you! You can expect calm seas and a relaxed approach on our end. We don’t want to be distracting, and so our style is very natural. We find this also plays a massive part in making sure you and your guests come across candid (not fake or forced, which nobody wants captured on film!)

One of us (or both of us) is camera-shy. What should we do?

We can relate! For most of us, it’s not every day that you’re being filmed and photographed by pros. What can make a huge difference here is getting to know each other a little beforehand – even before you decide to work with us. Breaking the ice in advance and having a chance to get comfortable with us means you’ll feel more relaxed and have peace of mind by the time your wedding day arrives! We’d love to have a casual chat over coffee or a video chat, so we can get to know more about you guys, your wedding preferences and vibe!

Who picks the music?

We pay a license fee on any wedding video music we use (to avoid copyright infringement – yup, even wedding vids can’t escape it). The music we choose will be expertly selected to complement the look, feel, and style of your wedding day. You can trust us on the music front since Hey Jack specialises in wedding entertainment too. We’ll also make sure the wedding music in your film won’t sound outdated in ten years, which is very important for this long-term investment! If there is a specific song that’s very meaningful for you, let us know, and we’ll see if we can license it.

Our wedding is 10 hours long – will we get a 10-hour video?

We don’t film non-stop (because no one needs to see grandad accidentally picking his nose on film); instead, we capture the moments you really care about, from the start till finish. Here’s a different way to think about it; a Hollywood movie can take up to 10 months (or more) to shoot footage that gets edited into a film, usually a few hours long. We loved Titanic, but it may not have been as good if it clocked in at ten hours! That’s what we’ll do with your film: take the very best moments of your day, and thoughtfully edit them into an emotional, captivating, and beautiful wedding film. The final highlight film is usually 5-6 minutes long, but if you really want something longer, you can book our extended documentary film upgrade. This provides 30 minutes of film footage – our couples love them!

What parts of the wedding day will you cover?

ALL your usual wedding festivities, plus other surprises or specials requests you might have in store. Some of the big moments may include your aisle walk and ceremony, your newlywed reception entrance, first dance and cake cutting. Other considerations we’re more than happy to film could be: you and your partner getting ready before the wedding *officially* begins, photoshoots, any cultural traditions/customs, lawn games, performances, fireworks, speeches, cake cutting, bouquet/garter toss, newlyweds exit – the list goes on! In short, we’ll have our eyes and ears open all day, ready to capture all the moments you’ll be able to cherish forever (including any spontaneous “priceless” moments).

Can I upgrade my wedding film package later on?

Absolutely! We’ve designed all our wedding videography packages so that you can choose to upgrade at any time before the wedding. You don’t have to commit to getting everything done all at once.

Do you capture audio?

Yes! We use on-camera microphones that capture audio at all times. We’ll switch to professional audio recording for the extra special/important moments, such as the wedding ceremony and reception speeches. This means using wireless lapel microphones and/or backup audio recorders to make the sound as crystal clear as possible! We generally attach a wireless lapel microphone to whichever partner is wearing a suit for the wedding ceremony, so it can be hidden well. Additionally, we also like to connect one to the celebrant (pending their permission prior). For the reception speeches, we usually plug directly into the wedding DJ’s audio system. If that’s not possible, we can attach a wireless lapel microphone to the microphone used for the speeches instead! Don’t worry; we’ve got it covered, and we always come prepared with a backup plan if needed!

Will you get in the way a lot?

No! It’s not our day; it’s yours! As we said above, you’re the captain, and we’re your support team. We do our best to blend in on your wedding day – that means no tripods setup in the middle of the isle piles of gear all over the place. We’re super organised and basically ninjas. Our hope is that you would notice us about as much as you would notice your wedding photographer.

Do we get to meet you before the wedding?

You absolutely can, and we’d love to chat before going over details and get to know you better (and you us). We can organise a quick in-person coffee catch up if you’re close to our office or a video call – whatever works for you!

Do you supply raw footage?

We wholeheartedly believe the power of your video experience is not just our filming on the day but also in the weeks of cutting, colour grading and audio engineering. Our super talented and highly skilled team of pros work tirelessly to create a stunning finish. We don’t want you to have an unfinished result, but if there’s a special moment that we absolutely should not miss, let us know in advance, and we’ll add it!

How long until we receive our film/s?

It’s true the best things in life take time and trust us, your bespoke wedding film will be worth the wait! High-quality wedding videography is highly customised and personalised, and our approximate turnaround is 3-4 months. We take our time creating and polishing your film to ensure you’ll receive a result that blows your socks off and “wows” you! Although the process is time involved and in-depth, often we can work our magic sooner (pending the season). We’ll always keep you updated along the way.

We want a wedding film, but the price seems so expensive relative to a photographer. Why is this?

That question almost needs its own article about prices of wedding videos! The truth is, there are a lot of hours involved, which translates to costs. They include administration, enquiries, marketing, equipment, gear maintenance, transport, organising schedules, preparation, and filming! Then we have editing (downloading footage, watching through, cutting down, choosing music, storytelling, colour-grading, touching up, exporting, uploading). Typically, around 40-60 hours goes into editing your wedding film! Wedding videography is a very involved, detailed process; so, if we didn’t charge accordingly to the time, the product would suffer.

How will the wedding videographers work with our photographer?

We believe that wedding photos and films are equally important, so we’ll collaborate with your chosen photography team. If we haven’t worked with your photographer previously, we’ll take the time to touch base with them a few days/weeks before your wedding and create a game plan together. Easy peasy!

Do you guys join us for dinner?

Food is our fuel, and we do need a little meal break. You can pop us wherever you want (we don’t expect to sit at the head table). Since we’re on hand all day, this sustenance will help us perform at our best! Generally, the best time is for us to eat when we eat. Most of the time, not as much is happening during dinner, and we can ensure we don’t miss anything (plus, we can continue with loads of energy right after). This is important to discuss with the caterer beforehand.

How will you be dressed on the day?

We’ll adhere to your dress code or special requests, so just let us know. Usually, we wear “dress smart”, which ensures we blend in with your wedding guests, and so our presence is as non-intrusive as possible.

What are the travel fees?

Within 40km of Melbourne, your transport is included! For a destination/overseas wedding, we charge for the direct cost of flights with Qantas, transport (such as car hire) and basic accommodation. For weddings within Australia that involve vast driving distances, we charge a travel fee of $2 per km further than 40km of Melbourne CBD.

Are you insured?

Yes! We are fully insured ($10 million in public liability insurance), which gives peace of mind to everyone.

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