All Day Live Wedding Entertainment Package

23 09 20

All Day Live Wedding Entertainment

This thumping 7-hour entertainment package includes:

  • Ceremony – 1 hr live music
  • Canapé – 1 hr live music
  • Reception – 5hrs live band


  • Get your very own Hey Jack Event Manager
  • Access a personalised wedding portal to curate your music and run sheet
  • Select songs from our artist’s setlists to be performed at your special moments.
  • All live music can be comprised of either a soloist, duo or trio (with instruments like guitar, piano or cello)
  • When we say all day, we mean it! A curated wedding playlist during the breaks means continuous good vibes and no awkward silences


  • Add an instrument during the ceremony and/or reception
  • Add on extra time if you’re planning to keep the party going longer than 7 hours

You’re covered for live wedding band music all day long, starting with one of the best Melbourne acoustic soloists or duos at your ceremony and canape hour. Then a dynamic and extensive repertoire of live songs to your taste will continue throughout the reception.You also have the option to add extra vocalists and instruments such as electric guitar and drums to create an upbeat party feel you and your guests will love. Basically, you can create your own Melbourne wedding band!

Rest assured our entertainers are seasoned pros and will help in supporting each special moment in your day with the perfect music to create a truly unforgettable experience.

Got It, Tell Me More


Before you set foot upon the aisle, acoustic notes will fill your venue to set the tone for the day and prepare for your entrance. Emotive cello strings, soft guitar notes or beautiful piano keys will serve as the perfect accompaniment to soulful vocals, bringing on a case of the feels for loved ones witnessing your vows. Then, whilst you and your partner are whisked away, your guests will enjoy upbeat or perhaps more chilled relaxed background harmonies as they mingle during canapé hour. Your carefully curated wedding entertainment will fill the room for an hour of all-round good vibes which can be comprised of more classic and traditional music, a new take on contemporary, or mix the best of both.


You still have 5 hours of live music throughout your reception, which means the night is still young!

Make your big entrance as an officially married couple, perhaps with some electric instruments enhancing the vocals that support your favourite song. Whether it’s an ‘oldie but a goodie’ style tune, pop hit, or something else entirely, we’re here to make that special request a reality. Whilst dinner, speeches and the cutting of the cake take place, you’ll have a musical backdrop that effortlessly complements each moment of the day. Be taken back to all the songs you know and love, with maybe some surprises along the way…

Don’t forget to take advantage of our Hey Jack artist song request. That way, as you take to the stage during your first dance you’ll be encapsulated in a bubble of love, swaying in each other’s arms to a song with a special meaning to the both of you. Just make sure some tissues are readily available as the combination of heavenly acoustic vocals, guitar and a loved up couple usually means there won’t be many dry eyes in the room. Why not end on a high note with one final surprise? Elevate the garter toss, bouquet throw and energy on the dancefloor with the unexpected twist of a big band! Adding brass instruments into the mix such as a trumpet or sax player is sure to spice things up a little.

We know you’ll love seeing the sax player weave in and out of the crowd while hitting the big notes (including the unforgettable Baker Street classic ‘Doo doo dee do do do’ – if you haven’t heard it, please do yourself a favour and Google it now because we think you’ll def want to add this classic hit it to your setlist). There’s no doubt even the most discerning guest won’t be able to resist the showmanship and impressive display of talent that turns your reception up a notch!

Continue to dance the night away at the party and celebration of the year (yes, your wedding!). Killer vocals and instruments of your choosing will deliver a highly entertaining and memorable experience thanks to the hypnotic sound of Melbourne’s finest performers. End the night with a perfect storm of fun, memories and of course, selfies.

Why Us?

Ensuring you lock down the best wedding entertainment for your Melbourne wedding can sometimes be a daunting or stressful choice. Rest assured you’re in a safe pair of hands as Hey Jack has been helping couples nail the best performers and music acts on offer for many years. We’re all about simplifying the process, whilst still giving you choice and as much involvement in the planning as you want!

Our All Day Live music package is the best of everything and you’ll be able to select from the best Melbourne acoustic soloist, duo or trio for your ceremony. Our range of musicians and their capabilities and differing repertoires mean you can pair up with an entertainer who match your own flair and distinctive taste.  Whether you want a classic, traditional sophisticated affair, a party feel from start to finish or a mix of both, we can make it happen.

Get in touch with us so we can chat about your dream wedding entertainment requirements and answer any questions you have.

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