TJ is one of our most popular and versatile acoustic wedding singers who has been performing around Melbourne and internationally for the past 10+ years. Playing in various bands he has developed his unique and light-hearted stage presence. You can expect to hear the very best song-list from current top 40 hits, way back to the old favourites from the 1950s and everything in-between, across all styles.

Most popular arrangements…

TJ is a popular solo option for your ceremony and canapè. Select our Perfect Combo package and extend TJ for 2 hours to kick-off reception before the DJ/Band takes over.

Our most popular packages for TJ is:


  • 2 Hrs Live Music for Ceremony & Canapè


  • 2 Hrs Live Music for Ceremony & Canapè
  • 5 Hrs DJ 


  • 4 Hrs Live Music for Ceremony & Canapè & Start of Reception
  • 3 Hrs DJ or Band

We’ve curated a bunch of wedding packages for you to choose from, making it super-easy for you to decide!