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Lancaster is a Melbourne based acoustic looping duo. They each bring their individuality to life during their performances, putting a unique personal spin on current top 40 tracks all the way to classics from the 60s. Both being experienced musicians, they involve the crowd with their charismatic & exciting performance style. Being able to loop and record live, it will sound like a full band right before your eyes. Both also available as Solo artists and DJ’s to continue the party.

Most popular arrangements…

Lancaster is a popular acoustic duo that specialises in full day wedding entertainment and they also DJ for the reception. However, suppose you’re after a cost-effective solution for a full day of live entertainment, Lancaster can also split out in Solo acts, Gus & Joe and close the night as a DJ individually.  

Lancaster can only be booked as a Perfect Combo which includes:

  • 4 Hrs Live Music for Ceremony & Canapè & Start of Reception
  • 3 Hrs DJ