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Indie is a seasoned wedding acoustic duo and happen to be one of our OG acts. They perform most weekends, travelling all around Victoria for corporate, wedding & private events since 2013. ​Their constant flow of performances over the years have offered them the opportunity to develop and evolve their sound and extensive setlist. With Indies, spine-tingling raw tones and her guitarists’ slick rhythmic guitar work, they are sure to please even the most discerning crowds and get them up and dancing.

Most popular arrangements…

Indie is a popular option for couples after an acoustic duo for their wedding ceremony and canapè hour. Select our Perfect Combo package and extend Indie for 2 hours to kick-off reception before the DJ takes over.

Our most popular packages for Indie is:


  • 2 Hrs Live Music for Ceremony & Canapè


  • 2 Hrs Live Music for Ceremony & Canapè
  • 5 Hrs DJ


  • 4 Hrs Live Music for Ceremony & Canapè & Start of Reception
  • 3 Hrs DJ

We’ve curated a bunch of wedding packages for you to choose from, making it super-easy for you to decide!