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Real moments, the ones that hit you right in the feelers, that’s what we’re here to capture. No posed awkwardness or stiff grins just you, the two of you and your unique story. The couples we love to meet are much less about formal tradition, more about living in the moment and having the absolute time of their lives… If this is you, then we know we’re going to get along wonderfully!

Let your hair down and run around like crazies, love each other so hard and never be afraid to live wildly

Fun, Creative Melbourne Wedding Photographers

Lets. Have. Fun! Your wedding day happens once and absolutely flies by so we want to ensure the time spent taking photos is as enjoyable as possible. Your wedding photography experience won’t be posed, or cringe-worthy like some fear. All photographers are different so definitely shouldn’t be painted with the same brush; we’re going to have so much fun and laugh until our bellies hurt without a doubt!

Take a peak through our lenses

We’re all unique and have our own styles. So we’ve curated a bunch of wedding photography looks for you to choose from, making it super- easy for you to decide!

Capturing memories to remember long after they’re forgotten

Let’s Dive Into Our Process

We do take our time creating and polishing your wedding photos - because this is for your family’s heirloom - and heirlooms are not built in a day.


Casual phone hook-up so we can all see if we're a good fit

50% Deposit so we can make it #official + start planning

A what to expect brief + short wedding questionnaire

02. T - 30 DAYS

Meet + greet at our office in Prahran and run through your days events (so we know your VIPs on a first name basis + list of must-not-miss moments from your wedding).

Final balance payment (so we can finalise everything to get ready for your big day).

03. T - 7 DAYS

Quick 15 minute check in over the phone (to check up on you and talk about the weather).


We'll update you when we're on the way (We even dress up like your guests)

Get there early to setup our equipment + have an espresso

Showtime + dancing + selfies + photos!

05. T + 7 DAYS POST

Backup the full days worth of photos onto external hard drives

Culling the 4000+ images and select the best 500* for editing

06. T + 30 DAYS POST

Sneak Peak Images to share with your friends and family.

07. T + 30 DAYS

Colour grade and edit 500* Images

08. T + 30 - 60 DAYS

The delivery of your final files in a personalised online photo gallery for you to share with your friends and family!

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