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Who will be my photographer?

After many years in the Wedding Game, we’ve had the pleasure of working with so many photographers. Once we learn a little more about your wedding day and your visions and style you have chosen, we’ll pair you up with the most suitable photographer.

Can we meet our photographer before we book?

You’re more than welcome to come and meet the team at Hey Jack team in our Moorabbin studio to discuss your wedding days in a little more detail. However, due to the volume of enquiries we receive, consultations are only done with our photographers once you have booked with us.

What is your turnaround time for edits?
I know how excited you’ll be to see your photos after your wedding. We always make sure to edit 5-10 previews as soon as possible so that you’ve got something to share with friends and family straight away. Typically the bulk of your photographs will be ready within 4-8 weeks, but during busier months this might be 10 weeks.
Can we have the RAW files?
No, I’m afraid as a rule they’re not something we make available to our clients. It’s quite standard in the photography industry, but I’ll explain why briefly so you understand I’m not just being difficult! To begin with, simply to view them requires specialised software such as Photoshop or Lightroom. These programmes are expensive and so usually only owned by professional photographers. This means to the majority of my clients, they are entirely inaccessible. A fair majority are outtakes (blinking, out of focus, poor lighting etc. and look nothing like the final result), so the few people who can access them tend to find the RAW files an anticlimax anyway! I put a lot of love and magic in post, processing the images for them to look the way they are
Where are you based? Do you travel?

Yes, to the ends of the earth! We are based in Moorabbin but travel all over VIC, NSW and globally to capture weddings. If you’re getting married abroad, get in touch for a personalised quote.

How soon do we need to book you?
We get booked up as far as 2 years in advance and only take on a select number of weddings per year. As soon as you have a venue and a date, please get in touch to check our availability!
Do you visit the venue before the wedding?
Not always. We actually don’t feel the need to do this. We’re confident that we have the skill and equipment to shoot a wedding anywhere. Otherwise, we wouldn’t take on that responsibility. It will also only tell me what the venue is like the exact day I visit. Light intensity and direction will change, where there is gorgeous natural shade on one day, maybe in the sun on the actual wedding or there may not be accessible to a particular spot due to a maintenance issue. Also, some of the wedding bookings I take are several hours away from our home base, and quite honestly, it would be impractical, inconvenient and costly to visit for a quick look around every single one.
How does payment work?
To secure your wedding date, we require a Booking Fee of 30% to secure your photographer and the remaining balance to be paid 45 days before your wedding.
Do I have to feed you?
Yes, please! Weddings are very long days for us photographers. If we were to leave your wedding in search of food, we could be gone for up to an hour and might miss something. A fed photographer is a happy photographer 😉
How many images do you include?
We don’t have a fixed number, but as a guide, we state how many images will be provided as an approximate. This all varies on a combination of things, number of locations, amount of guests, length of coverage, lighting etc.
Should I have a second shooter?
Having a second shooter is an optional extra to any of our packages. It is particularly beneficial if you have a greater number of guests at your wedding (over 100) or if you would like both of you to be photographed getting ready, after all we can only be in one place at a time. It means you can get all the official bits photographed from two different perspectives which can be great. The majority of the time we shoot alone, so don’t feel that this is something you have to do at all. It really is down to you.
Do you have insurance?
Yes, most definitely. Some venues may ask you to see the suppliers certificates so just let us know, and we can arrange for them to see my coverage.

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