What happens over the Dinner period? When does the dancefloor start? How long should our first dance be?

Tips to perfect Reception Music

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The “party” part of your wedding is very important and we encourage you to have a think about how you want your Reception ambience to play out, and what sort of music (wedding DJ, wedding live band or iPod) would best suit. Cross it off your list in advance, as it’s one element of a wedding that you can overthink and stress about, so have a look at your options, chat with your fiancé and have a game plan at least six months prior. After all, it can make or break the day!

The more prepared you are with the planning of your music, the better the atmosphere of your entire event. Being able to put trust in a professional DJ or live band is the best choice (and we’re not being biased – this is the BEST choice for a good party!), but what if you can’t afford it? We get it. If you truly can’t make it work – you’ll need to result to your iPod, Spotify playlist and some (good quality) speakers (we repeat, GOOD quality!!!).

Here are some of our tips if you’re taking matters into your own hand…

Tip #1

Playlist Suggestions

Create a different playlist for each secrtion of the night. Cocktail hour, dinner period, first dance & dancefloor should all be seperated – as they’re all different moods, therefore songs!

They need to slightly differ in that cocktail music should be lively, romantic & soft tunes and dinner – mellow standards and instrumentals (we want people to be able to catch up on the past 10 years without Eminem rapping behind them).

wedding crowd dancing to the best wedding receptions music

Tip # 2

Cut your first dance to max 2 minutes

Don’t feel pressured to play the WHOLE song for your first dance. Cutting it off halfway is perfectly acceptable. Unless of course you have an epic routine planned, or would like your friends & family to join the dancefloor. In which case, you should have them join on the song played after, so they don’t arrive on the dancefloor and the song has 30 seconds left! This comes down to your MC inviting everyone up after your first dance has finished ?

Tip #3

Start the party with some classics

You want ALL of your guests to get up and have a boogie. So, stick to the classics to start the d-floor (Fleetwood Mac, ACDC, Queen) and then move to more modern Top 40’s as the night progresses and the older guests retreat.

Tip #4

Lighting – YES!

Definitely hire dance floor lighting. It can make a huge difference in your dance party atmosphere. If booking a professional, ensure you have booked some lighting as part of your package if it doesn’t come with it ?

Tip #5

Do NOT allow drunk people near the music controller

Decide before hand if it’s ok that guests go and change the song every 30 seconds. However, you can probably guess our thoughts on that. There is a reason why some DJ’s don’t take some song requests, and that’s because the music should suit all guests and hit the right spot for the pumping dancefloor. If you’ve chosen songs prior, there is a reason for that & make it known to your guests to PUT. THE IPAD. DOWN.

Chat to us about how we can take the stress of planning your Melbourne wedding music!

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