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Melbourne’s Best Wedding Bands

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What an exciting time it is to be celebrating your very own love story with family and friends. Weddings are always a special time in our lifetimes, creating magical memories that you’ll never forget. However, personalising your special day often proves a lot more challenging, especially if you’re keen to curate a day that you and your guests will remember for a long time and for all the right reasons. 

Hey Jack understands the long list of demands required in planning your wedding day. From flowers and table arrangements to narrowing down your guest list, there are so many elements to organise to make your special day your own kind of perfect. Whilst we cannot tell you whom you should and shouldn’t invite, we can help source and coordinate the best live wedding bands in Melbourne to suit your unique wedding. 

Let’s face it, both the ceremony and reception are never complete without the perfect live wedding band to accompany every treasured moment of the day. From walking down the aisle to dancing the night away with your nearest and dearest, wedding music is imperative to creating the right atmosphere and your own personal vibe.

 Whether you’re in the early stages of planning or you’re a last-minute works-well-under-pressure kind of bride or groom, you may be tossing up between a DJ and a live wedding band. Whilst DJs are great for certain aspects of a wedding; we always recommend making room for a live band. Having an experienced performer guide, your wedding is seriously hard to match with pre-recorded music. Not only will a wedding band create a great focal point for your guests to interact and direct their singing and dancing energy, but an experienced live band also has the impressive skill to ‘read the room’. If your crowd needs a boost of energy added to the dance floor, your performer can easily adapt and throw in a crowd-pleaser to restart the party (cue Dancing Queen). 

 Bonus: a live wedding singer can personalise the music by adding a cheeky lyric change here and there, referencing the happy couple – that’s sure to make any bride and groom feel extra special! 

 Besides incredible vocals and creating a focal point for your wedding, a live wedding band with a range of instruments creates an atmosphere that cannot be replicated by pressing play on a DJ deck. Your audience will be in awe of the talent that’s required to ace Wonderwall by Oasis on the acoustic guitar. A versatile band can inject a variety of instruments into your much-loved classics, such as a smokin’ saxophone and thumping trumpet, giving the sentimental songs and your big day the soul they deserve.

 Now, every band is unique in its own way and offers a variety of talents that are hard to compare, which makes it almost impossible to find your perfect performer. 

 With an overwhelming number of bands on offer at every turn, from agencies and directories and even your aunties cousins’ best friend, it’s hard to know which one is best. If you find yourself overcome with choices, using an agency like Hey Jack can ease your worries. With over years of experience in the industry, we know how to sport talent and have done the hard work for you. Our Melbourne-based bands are made up of award-winning musicians that are highly experienced in creating the best vibe for your wedding. We offer various entertainment options, including bands made of 3, 4 and 5-pieces with a vast range of musical genres. We are guaranteed to have the perfect act for individuals with all musical tastes. 

Our live bands generally stick to 4 x 45-minute sets over a 5-hour reception, so your guests have plenty of time to bust a move on the dancefloor. But don’t stress; they have a great selection of backing music to play during their brief water breaks to keep the party going. Many of our talented musicians double as engaging MCs that can keep the event on track to ensure no one forgets to stick to schedule amongst all the excitement. 

Now you may wonder what separates Hey Jack from all the other music agencies across Melbourne. Hey Jack prides itself on finding live wedding bands that not only have years of experience within the industry as individuals but are also a well-rehearsed group. Frequently in the wedding band scene, talented solo musicians are thrust together at the last minute to perform as a group. This structure severely lacks cohesion and can result in a few awkward missed cues or too many star musicians trying to outdo one another. Hey Jack has done the background check on all of our bands to ensure they are a united group who work seamlessly to reach their goal of providing the best performance for each wedding. 

The list below includes the leading live bands within Melbourne that will be perfect for your wedding. They offer a diverse range of modern and classic music that is guaranteed to fit your vision, whether a laid-back wedding or a dynamic modern affair set by the beach, vineyard, farm or city. With Hey Jack’s help, you can have absolute confidence that your wedding band is the best in the business and will deliver the musical performance your special day deserves.  

Gigi Band


This uber-lively pop and rock group is sure to produce musical moments full of energy. With a vast range of genres and crowd-pleasing repertoire, Gigi Band offers a 3,4 or 5-piece band with breathtakingly talented male and female lead vocalists plus backing vocals, percussion, keys, saxophone, and electric guitar. Rest assured, there will be no awkward silences when the band takes a quick water break as they have prepared a DJ playlist full of all the hits so the party can carry on all night. Gigi Band will turn up to your next event with everything they need, including PA and lighting equipment. All you need to do is enjoy their vibe and dance the night away.

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Boston Band


This Rockstar showcase will bring energy and enthusiasm to your event to get everyone out of their seats, or away from the grazing table. Their performances are jam-packed full of flare with spectacular male vocals, showstopping saxophones, guitar, bass, keys, and rhythmic drums. Boston sure does tick all boxes with a varied repertoire of 60’s rock n roll to contemporary hits. If you’re looking for a performance to please even the fussiest of music connoisseurs in attendance, you really can’t look past Boston; guaranteed to have everyone singing along and jumping onto the dancefloor.

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Garland Band


Always performing to the highest of standards, Garland is a band you can trust to bring the perfect atmosphere to your wedding. This 2, 3, 4 or 5-part band brings their years of experience to the stage, creating a soundtrack that seamlessly matches your carefully curated wedding vibe. Their energy-filled set features a range of instruments and talent, from banging bass and guitar to the saxophone, keys, and rhythmic drums. Their musical repertoire includes hits such as Higher Love; Everybody Wants To Rule The World and What A Wonderful World, to name a few. Book Garland for your wedding and watch them make all your musical dreams come true.

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Wild Card Band


Wild Card will undoubtedly keep your wedding guests buzzing for weeks after the big day. All three members have notable music careers with worldwide music tours and achievements. Some may say the formation of Wild Card is the best thing to come out of Melbourne’s local music scene. Their commitment to rehearsing behind the scenes will ease any concerns that these guys won’t bring their A-game to your special day. Make your dance floor one no one will want to leave, and lock in Wild Card for your wedding day or big event.


Laneway Band


Talk about an absolute Party starter. Laneways’ musical talent will blow your expectations away. Their extensive set list will help you create lifelong memories with your nearest and dearest. You can trust in their band experience, and solo acts that they will know the exact crowd-pleasers or vibe-setting tunes to throw in at the right moment. Laneway’s musical style includes the best from Pop, Soul, Rnb and Jazz. This versatile group is the perfect accompaniment to your ceremony, canapes, and reception that ensures every song from the start of the day until you drive away creates your pitch-perfect atmosphere.


InBeat Band


InBeat will take the stress out of your big day’s music selections. Their vast set list is one you can rely on for all your big day moments, from walking down the aisle to tearing up the dance floor. If the specific song you’ve been dreaming of can’t be found in their diverse repertoire, there’s no need to panic. InBeat is more than willing to master your favourite track to ensure your wedding music is unique and personal. Guaranteed to get any audience involved and off their feet, InBeat is everything you’ve been searching for.

Soulchild Band


Fronted by two of Melbourne’s most acclaimed and in-demand voices, do not hesitate to secure Soulchild for your special day before you miss out. Their infectious and full-of-energy nature will bring the party to your reception. Their ability to hold a crowd is hard to compare the only complaint you and your guests will have is how sore your feet will be after a night brought to you by Soulchild. These professional and talented singers behind the dynamic duo will make your wedding or event impossible to forget.


Blue Dawn Band


Blue Dawn will fit the bill whether you are searching for soft ballads or percussion. With years of performing together as a pop trio and 4 to 5-piece jazz band, these guys know how to produce an incredibly versatile live act. What can your crowd expect? Their song list includes a wide range of tunes, from Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself and Justin Timberlake Cry Me A River to Aretha Franklins A Natural Women and Stevie Wonder’s Signed Sealed Delivered. Blue Dawn has a tune for guests of all ages.


BTC Band

Between The Covers have a catalogue of classics perfect for your dream wedding. They are the ideal band to fill your wedding with an atmosphere of love, joy and fun. Exclusive to Hey Jack, this band will bring the acoustic and electric guitar to their tunes accompanied by piano and drums; no wonder this jack of all trades band is in high demand! The natural performers bring a plethora of experience to the stage and are a breeze to work with as they are committed to making your day that extra bit special.


Lock in your Dream Wedding Band Today 

Surprise and delight your guests with a performance by one of these dazzling artistic talents, and you’ll become one step closer to being crowned wedding of the year. If one of these bands sounds like a dream match for your big day, you can listen to their music offerings through our website. 

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