Acoustic Wedding Songs:

Crafting the Perfect Playlist for Your Big Day

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We’re your wedding music matchmakers, bridging the gap between you and the artist to ensure your day’s vibe is a reflection of you.

Gearing up for your big day is nothing short of a rollercoaster of excitement, and nothing sets the vibe quite like live acoustic wedding performers. Picture this: the sun kissing your face, friends and family gathered around, and the sweet tunes of a live performer filling the air. It’s that magic touch that turns your wedding into an unforgettable celebration.
Here at Hey Jack, we get it. We know how crucial it is to have the perfect tunes on your special day, and that’s where our live acoustic wedding performers step in. We’re not just talking about any performers; we’re talking about the kind that brings that extra spark to your celebration – think bright, romantic, and downright memorable!
Our artists are the real deal – from funky duos pumping up the excitement to soulful solo performers leaning into the romance with the stripped-back sounds of their acoustic guitar and dreamy vocals during your canape hour. We’ve got a medley of talented artists to work with, to suit your musical tastes.
Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty. When you choose an artist through Hey Jack, it’s like unlocking a musical treasure chest. You get to peek at their acoustic setlist, giving you a taste of the melodies that could grace your big day. And because we believe in transparency, you can even listen to their music, instilling that confidence that your chosen performer hits all the right notes.
Now, let’s address some common questions about our artists and how we can help achieve the perfect soundtrack to your wedding day.

How do live acoustic wedding performers collaborate with couples to create a personalised musical experience?

Fortunately, Hey Jack’s event planning team has been built by musicians for musicians and couples. Whether it’s requesting specific songs for your wedding performer to learn or communicating your do’s and don’ts. We have the musical and wedding expertise to ensure that the soundtrack to your special day is personal to you and reflects the couple. As an added touch, you even have the option to purchase a studio recording of your performer playing your aisle walk or first dance song, preserving those magical moments for a lifetime.

How can tailored acoustic setlists make a wedding celebration more meaningful for the couple?

Well, for starters, there’s an undeniable charm in live music. It’s the kind of energy that a playlist just can’t replicate. The raw emotion, the subtle strums, and the personal touch – it all adds up to create a moment that’s uniquely yours. It’s not just background noise; it’s the soundtrack to your love story.
A tailored acoustic setlist is the key to making your wedding celebration truly resonate with your identity as a couple. Imagine your dream wedding songs performed live by your chosen wedding performer.

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What are the benefits of having Hey Jack involved in the wedding planning process to ensure a seamless and harmonious musical journey?

We’re your wedding music matchmakers, bridging the gap between you and the artist to ensure your day’s vibe is a reflection of you. Acting as the intermediary, we make this process seamless for you. Our role as the middleman allows us to effectively communicate the unique “vibe” of your wedding day to our artists, ensuring that your wedding entertainment resonates with your preferences and captures the essence of your celebration.

Our performers have entertained weddings upon weddings and have a knack for knowing crowd and couple favourites. Rest assured, there’s something in their repertoire for everyone! Hey Jack performers have diverse setlists so that they can match your taste and the vibe of your day while also playing tunes that you’ll know and love.

You may be thinking, what if my favourite songs aren’t traditionally played acoustically?
When you think of acoustic wedding songs, the following probably come to mind – Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Fleetwood Mac, but as we mentioned, our artists are incredibly talented and put their perfect spin on some great pop songs, ensuring that the environment will be romantic and relaxed without having to stray from those essential party tracks.


Our favourite “non-traditional” Acoustic Covers by our artists.

Montague’s Cold Heart – Elton John & Dua Lipa

This one is for those couples who when asked what their music taste is say “I literally listen to everything!” This groovy tune and smooth, silky vocals of Montague is truly unmatched.
Listen Here

Charlie’s How Will I Know – Whitney Houston

Charlie’s cover is a dreamy take on Queen Whitney’s iconic song. Charlie’s smooth and airy voice adds a unique, softness to this well-loved pop song.
Listen Here

Shut Up and Dance/ Teenage Dream

Who doesn’t love a good mash-up? Brooklyn seamlessly transitions between these two pop songs, giving your guests endless chilled-out, acoustic vibes while playing songs that everyone knows loves… AND he does it with just his voice and a guitar.
Listen Here

Delilah’s Mr Brightside – The Killers

This song is a dancefloor essential! But if you’re going for more of a relaxed vibe but still don’t want to skip out on your favourite nostalgic hits, this one’s for you! Delilah has crafted the most beautiful, acoustic cover of this absolute classic… Dare we say, you may have a preference for this version?
Listen Here

Bowie’s Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours) – Stevie Wonder.

This song is an absolute favourite amongst our couples. But have you heard it like this? Bowie covers this classic wedding song, tapping into the song’s soulful essence but with his unique sound and raspy voice.
Listen Here

Romy’s The Best – Tina Turner

You’ll love this charming and soft take on Tina Turner’s “The Best”. This stripped-back, acoustic version, allows you to really feel those raw and emotional lyrics. We love this cover as a first dance or an aisle walk song.
Listen Here

Bek’s Sucker – Jonas Brother

Your teenage self will thank you for this acoustic Jonas Brother cover! Acoustic, Solist Bek’s gives us this incredibly cool, and relaxed version of Sucker, bringing the heat to this crowd-pleasing, comeback hit
Listen Here

Sierra’s Latch – Sam Smith

We don’t believe that you haven’t already got this on your “must-play” list. But you need to listen to Sierra’s completely romantic and goosebump-giving cover of Latch. Picture this as your first dance song, and you won’t be going back!
Listen Here

Leeyon’s The Way You Make Me Feel – Michael Jackson

This MJ Cover is what you need for your canape hour. It’s both fun, and relaxed and a song that will be known amongst all your guests.
Listen Here

Austin’s Hey Ya – Outkast

Another fun, dancefloor essential as a chilled-out acoustic cover. Austin’s cover of Hey-Ya is perfect to transition your guests into the festivities of the evening.
Listen Here

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Garland Duo 
The Russells

In a nutshell…

Nothing beats a live wedding performer, and the romantic sounds of an acoustic guitar and smooth vocals. Hey Jack allows you to pick the perfect performer for your day, and ensure that the setlist is something that captures the essence of our couples. Consider us your backstage pass to crafting a musical experience that’s as special as your love story. Check out our solo performers and duos on our website – it’s like a musical menu with options to suit every taste.
Your wedding day is your time to shine, and we’re here to make sure the music shines right along with you. Let Hey Jack be your musical wingman, and together, we’ll create a celebration that’s music to your ears. Cheers to love, laughter, and the perfect playlist on your big day! 


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