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Wedding Ceremony Live Streaming Services In Melbourne

Whether you’re are getting married off the beaten track or have guests who simply can’t make the trip, there are many reasons why some of your nearest and dearest may not be there in person when you say I do. The good news is, Hey Jack has invested in technology for you to be able to broadcast your wedding live to those that could not be there. Read ahead for what you need to know about streaming your wedding live.

Why Couples Live Stream

As you can imagine, we’ve had a lot of interest in live-streaming due to COVID19. We are thrilled to be adding this onto our services as we find it so important during this time to ensure all of your loved ones are somewhat there on the day, even if it’s virtually. Live streaming can also come into play when family members are ill and can’t travel to the venue, can’t afford to attend, or are otherwise tied up. It’s a great option for many reasons! 

The Etiquette of Live Streaming

Suppose you’re going the live streaming route. In that case, it’s crucial to remember that this should be treated as a fallback just for those who regrettably can’t attend the wedding. Do not offer it as an option on the invitation or invite, it should be a backup. We would recommend providing guests who RSVP “no” the wedding an opportunity to tune in to the live stream via a personalised email with the link with a note. Avoid posting this link publicly to protect your privacy, and make sure only those you’ve actually invited have access to it. It’s best to ditch the live streaming at the reception. Guests may not be happy with being on camera if their inhibitions are lowered while they’re drinking and dancing the night away. And you will see the full documentary footage of the speeches anyway that you can share. Once you’ve settled on live streaming, one essential thing to consider is an internet connection. You’ll want to make sure that you test the internet connection at the venue beforehand. A weak signal may hinder the quality of the live stream.

How do we do it

We will set up a 4K camera at the back of the ceremony to avoid getting in the way of your guests and photos. A zoom lens is usually used to get right up close and personal. We spend a lot of time getting audio right and feel it’s just as important, if not more so than video. A wireless microphone will be attached to the celebrant and/or mic, which will transmit crystal clear audio signal to the camera. The camera is linked with a broadcast coupled to a laptop, and your wedding can be live-streamed to a private link to a Facebook Group. You can then go back and enjoy the post and read through and reply to any comments. All of the live stream ceremony footage will also be recorded to the hard drive which you will receive as part of our live streaming package post-event. 

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