Lucas is a hugely popular solo guitarist and vocalist. His soulful, rich voice and immense looping guitar skills have earned him an enviable reputation within the music industry. This Melbourne based soloist performs a diverse setlist ranging from rock and pop to folk, reggae and funk, and includes artists such as The Beatles, Leon Bridges, Lumineers and Bob Marley. He has a singular capacity to connect with his audiences, making him a popular choice for weddings. Whether you would like to be played down the aisle, or perhaps see him perform a set during your drinks reception, Lucas will shine in any setting.

Most popular arrangements…

Lucas is a popular and versatile option for couples after soloist for the ceremony with the versatility to expand the outfit to a full band for the reception.  

Our most popular packages for Lucas is:


  • 2 Hrs Live Music for Ceremony & Canapè


  • 2 Hrs Live Music for Ceremony & Canapè
  • 5 Hrs Band 


  • 4 Hrs Live Music for Ceremony & Canapè & Start of Reception
  • 3 Hrs DJ

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