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Management System

Step 1 – Appointment Booked

Please apply the Tag – Quick Chat Booked

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Step 2 – On the Call

  • Once on the booking call with the customer. Please fill in the following form and mark one of the outcome call options. Remember to copy the email from the contact record from Infusionsoft (**Remember Jason’s voice use the contact record that filled in the original form).
  • Once the person has booked the event date, please confirm it again on the form below.
  • Also, we will send the Invoice Link to make the initial payment ( from Quickbooks). Please, copy the share link and past it below.
  • Finally, insert the amount and the package name on the below fields.

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Step 3 – Payment

Once the payment is received copy and paste the “Trello Link” and the “confirmation of artist for contact” name on the below field

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Step 4 – Running Sheet (Only for wedding)

Finally, one week prior to the event will be sent the Running Sheet Link. You will need to :

  • Upload the Running Sheet File on a Dropbox/Drive account
  • Copy the Running Sheet Link and past it on the below Running Sheet field
  • Please remind to insert the “Running sheet link” also on the artist management page

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Step 5 Final Payment made

Please apply the tag – Final payment made

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